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Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research

Journal Volume: 37
Journal Issue: Suppl 1
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 12

A systematic review and meta-analysis of alcohol consumption and injury risk as a function of study design and recall period

Alcohol Marketing Receptivity, Marketing-Specific Cognitions, and Underage Binge Drinking

Alcohol use in hazardous situations: implications for DSM-IV and DSM-5 alcohol use disorders

Early onset of drinking and risk of heavy drinking in young adulthood-a 13-year prospective study

Heterogeneity in growth and desistance of alcohol use for men in their 20s: prediction from early risk factors and association with treatment

Influence of alcohol use and family history of alcoholism on neural response to alcohol cues in college drinkers

Longitudinal changes in white matter integrity among adolescent substance users

Perceived access to reinforcers as a function of alcohol consumption among one first nation group

Posttreatment low-risk drinking as a predictor of future drinking and problem outcomes among individuals with alcohol use disorders

Scientific publications and research groups on alcohol consumption and related problems worldwide: authorship analysis of papers indexed in PubMed and Scopus databases (2005 to 2009)

State Panel Estimates of the Effects of the Minimum Legal Drinking Age on Alcohol Consumption for 1950 to 2002

Understanding men's aggression in bars: Development of the Beliefs and Attitudes toward Male Alcohol-Related Aggression (BAMARA) inventory