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Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro ed Ergonomia

Journal Volume: 32
Journal Issue: 4 Suppl
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 27

1894-1906: New ideas and practice against industrial accidents in Italy

Alcohol and work: the role of the company physician in the occupational health and safety management systems

Alcohol misuse at work

Communication-based strategies to improve workers' health and safety: the role of the Responsible for Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP) and the Occupational Health Physician (OHP)

Drug use among workers: an update

Effectiveness of measures to promote and control on the appropriateness of preventive measures taken on farms--health surveillance, surveys on damages associated with risk

Injuries: preventive approach and progress of injuries in the construction of the line B1 of the underground of Rome

L.D. n. 81/08: the role of National Health Service Occupational Health and Safety Units

Meta-analysis: Effectiveness of the preventive interventions in agriculture accidents

Occupational medicine and communication: which role for print media?

Performance and safety at work

Personal protective equipment: directions for the application of Legislative Decree 81/08 in surveillance

Production cycles and risk agents

Production cycles and risk agents in the agri-food sector

Protection of health and safety of rescue workers to non-profit organizations

Risk assessment and risk management of chemical exposures in agriculture

The accidents trend in the third millennium

The activity of local health units in agriculture: Promotion, prevention, control

The control of drugs consumption in occupational contexts: management of the test results

The interpretation of "Prevention and Safety of Workplace Service" (S.Pre.S.A.L.)

The occupational health physician and the health surveillance in agriculture

The prevention in Italian workers' compensation authority protection: back to the future

The role of the occupational physician in the assessment of accident risk

Upgrade on alcohol abuse

What kind of communication in the prosumers' era?

Work and aging

Workplace and laws: from health prevention to health promotion