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BMC psychiatry

Journal Volume: 12
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 39

A multi-site controlled trial of a cognitive skills programme for mentally disordered offenders

Adolescent self-harm and suicidal thoughts in the ALSPAC cohort: a self-report survey in England

An uncommon case of random fire-setting behavior associated with Todd paralysis: A case report

Clinical features of delirious mania: a series of five cases and a brief literature review

Common stressful life events and difficulties are associated with mental health symptoms and substance use in young adolescents

Comparing the accuracy of brief versus long depression screening instruments which have been validated in low and middle income countries; a systematic review

Contributors to suicidality in rural communities: beyond the effects of depression

Depression, suicidal ideation, and associated factors: a cross-sectional study in rural Haiti

Depressive symptoms in people with chronic physical conditions: prevalence and risk factors in a Hong Kong community sample

Disaster exposure as a risk factor for mental health problems, eighteen months, four and ten years post-disaster -- a longitudinal study

Emotional but not physical maltreatment is independently related to psychopathology in subjects with various degrees of social anxiety: a web-based Internet survey

Evaluation of behavioral changes and subjective distress after exposure to coercive inpatient interventions

Exploring the expression of depression and distress in aboriginal men in central Australia: a qualitative study

Family Functioning in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster

Interactions among alcohol dependence, perinatal common mental disorders and violence in couples in rural Vietnam: a cross-sectional study using structural equation modeling

Mu opioid receptor availability in people with psychiatric disorders who died by suicide: a case control study

Post-hospitalization course and predictive signs of suicidal behavior of suicidal patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital: a 2-year prospective follow-up study

Posttraumatic stress symptoms and health-related quality of life: a two year follow-up study of injury treated at the Emergency Department

Prevalence of psychological distress and mental disorders, and use of mental health services in the epidemiological catchment area of Montreal South-West

Preventing mood and anxiety disorders in youth: a multi-centre RCT in the high risk offspring of depressed and anxious patients

Prognostic significance of functional somatic symptoms in adolescence: a 15-year community-based follow-up study of adolescents with depression compared with healthy peers

Psychiatric disorders and aggression in the printed media: Is there a link? A central European perspective

Relationship between depressive symptom severity and emergency department use among low-income, depressed homebound older adults aged 50 years and older

Risk factors for suicide behaviors in the observational schizophrenia outpatient health outcomes (SOHO) study

Screening for personality disorder in incarcerated adolescent boys: preliminary validation of an adolescent version of the standardised assessment of personality - abbreviated scale (SAPAS-AV)

Service suspension for mental disorders in armed forces draftees in the Penghu area

Shame-proneness in attempted suicide patients

Somatic symptoms beyond those generally associated with a whiplash injury are increased in self-reported chronic whiplash. A population-based cross sectional study: the Hordaland Health Study (HUSK)

Spatial clusters of suicide in Australia

Spatial clusters of suicide in the municipality of São Paulo 1996-2005: an ecological study

Suicidal expressions among young people in Nicaragua and Cambodia: a cross-cultural study

Suicide rates and income in São Paulo and Brazil: a temporal and spatial epidemiologic analysis from 1996 to 2008

The CAP study, evaluation of integrated universal and selective prevention strategies for youth alcohol misuse: study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial

The characteristics of serious suicide attempters in Japanese adolescents- comparison study between adolescents and adults

The copycat phenomenon after two Finnish school shootings: an adolescent psychiatric perspective

The prevalence and characteristics of suicidality in HIV/AIDS as seen in an African population in Entebbe district, Uganda

The reliability of suicide statistics: a systematic review

Thoughts of death or suicidal ideation are common in young people aged 12 to 30 years presenting for mental health care

When combat prevents PTSD symptoms - results from a survey with former child soldiers in Northern Uganda