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BMC psychiatry

Journal Volume: 14
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 33

A comparison of the characteristics of suicide attempters with and without psychiatric consultation before their suicidal behaviours: a cross-sectional study

A randomized controlled trial of mental health interventions for survivors of systematic violence in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq

Aggression in children with behavioural/emotional difficulties: seeing aggression on television and video games

Alterations in circadian/seasonal rhythms and vegetative functions are related to suicidality in DSM-5 PTSD

Association between parental psychopathology and suicidal behavior among adult offspring: results from the cross-sectional South African Stress and Health survey

Attitudes of clinical staff toward the causes and management of aggression in acute old age psychiatry inpatient units

Characteristics and motivations of absconders from forensic mental health services: a case-control study

Clinical and sociodemographic correlates of suicidality in patients with major depressive disorder from six Asian countries

Comparing the validity of the self reporting questionnaire and the Afghan symptom checklist: dysphoria, aggression, and gender in transcultural assessment of mental health

Cross-sectional study of attitudes about suicide among psychiatrists in Shanghai

Determinants of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: parallel cross-sectional analyses examining geographical location

Gender differences in suicide attempters: a retrospective study of precipitating factors for suicide attempts at a critical emergency unit in Japan

Impact of treatment of ADHD on intimate partner violence (ITAP), a study protocol

Improving communication and practical skills in working with inpatients who self-harm: a pre-test/post-test study of the effects of a training programme

Pediatricians' and health visitors' views towards detection and management of maternal depression in the context of a weak primary health care system: a qualitative study

Personality dimensions of schizophrenia patients compared to control subjects by gender and the relationship with illness severity

Population level mental distress in rural Ethiopia

Psychosocial interventions for suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts: a database of randomised controlled trials

Results of a pilot randomised controlled trial to measure the clinical and cost effectiveness of peer support in increasing hope and quality of life in mental health patients discharged from hospital in the UK

Risk factors for adult interpersonal violence in suicide attempters

Risk stratification using data from electronic medical records better predicts suicide risks than clinician assessments

Study on genes of the serotonergic system and suicidal behavior: Protocol for a case-control study in Mexican population

Suicide and suicide attempts in people with severe mental disorders in Butajira, Ethiopia: 10 year follow-up of a population-based cohort

Suicide in South Asia: a scoping review

Suicide in young adults: psychiatric and socio-economic factors from a case-control study

Systematic review and meta-analysis of homicide recidivism and Schizophrenia

The addition of STEPPS in the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder and comorbid borderline personality features: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial

The association of ADHD symptoms to self-harm behaviours: a systematic PRISMA review

The development of a randomised controlled trial testing the effects of an online intervention among school students at risk of suicide

Triglycerides as a biological marker of repeated re-hospitalization resulting from deliberate self-harm in acute psychiatry patients: A prospective observational study

Validation of the Chinese SAD PERSONS Scale to predict repeated self-harm in emergency attendees in Taiwan

Validation of the multi-dimensional scale of perceived social support (MSPSS) and the relationship between social support, intimate partner violence and antenatal depression in Malawi

Why alternative teenagers self-harm: exploring the link between non-suicidal self-injury, attempted suicide and adolescent identity