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BMC psychiatry

Journal Volume: 20
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 101

A cross-sectional study on associations of physical symptoms, health self-efficacy, and suicidal ideation among Chinese hospitalized cancer patients

A day in the life of people with severe mental illness living in supported housing

A psychological intervention for suicide applied to non-affective psychosis: the CARMS (Cognitive AppRoaches to coMbatting Suicidality) randomised controlled trial protocol

A suicide prevention strategy for youth presenting to the emergency department with suicide related behaviour: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

A systematic review of studies describing the influence of informal social support on psychological wellbeing in people bereaved by sudden or violent causes of death

Adaptive capacities for safe clinical practice for patients hospitalised during a suicidal crisis: a qualitative study

Adolescent self-harm in Ghana: a qualitative interview-based study of first-hand accounts

Adolescents at risk of self-harm in Ghana: a qualitative interview study exploring the views and experiences of key adult informants

Adult ADHD screening scores and hospitalization due to pedestrian injuries: a case-control study

Adverse events in psychiatry: a national cohort study in Sweden with a unique psychiatric trigger tool

An evaluation of the quality of self-harm incident reporting across the Australian asylum seeker population according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines

An integrated community mental healthcare program to reduce suicidal ideation and improve maternal mental health during the postnatal period: the findings from the Nagano trial

Anxiety disorders and PTSD in Palestine: a literature review

Are quantity and content of psychiatric interventions associated with suicide? A case-control study of a Swedish sample

Assessing vulnerability to risk of suicide and self-harm in prisoners: a Rasch analysis of the suicide concerns for offenders in the prison environment (SCOPE-2)

Assessment of suicidal risk using Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory-2 restructured form

Association between health behaviours and depression: findings from a national cross-sectional study in South Korea

Association between social participation and mental health consultation in individuals with suicidal ideation: a cross-sectional study

Association between suicide risk severity and sarcopenia in non-elderly Chinese inpatients with major depressive disorder

Association of ADHD symptoms, depression and suicidal behaviors with anxiety in Chinese medical college students

Association of serum uric acid levels with suicide risk in female patients with major depressive disorder: a comparative cross-sectional study

Belief in suicide prevention myths and its effect on helping: a nationally representative survey of Australian adults

Borderline personality disorder and prior suicide attempts define a severity gradient among hospitalized adolescent suicide attempters

Changes in community mental health services availability and suicide mortality in the US: a retrospective study

Changes in the number of suicide re-attempts in a French region since the inception of VigilanS, a regionwide program combining brief contact interventions (BCI)

Child maltreatment-related dissociation and its core mediation schemas in patients with borderline personality disorder

Cognitive behavioural group therapy versus mindfulness-based stress reduction group therapy for intimate partner violence: a randomized controlled trial

Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) compared to enhanced treatment as usual (E-TAU) for suicidal patients in an inpatient setting: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Comparison of child abuse history in patients with and without functional abdominal pain: a case-control study

Correlates of mental health in occupations at risk for traumatization: a cross-sectional study

COVID-19 related lockdown: a trigger from the pre-melancholic phase to catatonia and depression, a case report of a 59 year-old man

Cues for different diagnostic patterns of interpersonal violence in a psychiatric sample: an observational study

Cultural adaptation of the mental health first aid guidelines for assisting a person at risk of suicide to China: a Delphi expert consensus study

De Clérambault's syndrome revisited: a case report of Erotomania in a male

Decomposing socioeconomic inequality in poor mental health among Iranian adult population: results from the PERSIAN cohort study

Depression, anxiety and associated factors among housemaids working in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Distinct effects of over-general autobiographical memory on suicidal ideation among depressed and healthy people

Dysregulation of amino acids and lipids metabolism in schizophrenia with violence

Earthquake-related stressors associated with suicidality, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress in adolescents from Muisne after the earthquake 2016 in Ecuador

Effect of assertive case management intervention on suicide attempters with comorbid Axis I and II psychiatric diagnoses: secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial

Effects of ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol on aversive memories and anxiety: a review from human studies

Evaluation of childhood traumatic experience as a risk factor for alcohol use disorder in adulthood

Exploring memory function in earthquake trauma survivors with resting-state fMRI and machine learning

Expressions of masculinity and associations with suicidal ideation among young males

Factors and predictors of length of stay in offenders diagnosed with schizophrenia - a machine-learning-based approach

Frequency and correlates of violence against patients with schizophrenia living in rural China

Gender differences in response to war-related trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder - a study among the Congolese refugees in Uganda

Identification of risk factors for involuntary psychiatric hospitalization: using environmental socioeconomic data and methods of machine learning to improve prediction

Interaction between physical activity and problematic mobile phone use on suicidality in Chinese college students

Meaning in life as a protective factor against suicidal tendencies in Chinese University students

Mental health professionals view about the impact of male gender for the treatment of men with depression - a qualitative study

Optimizing internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy for alcohol misuse: a study protocol for a randomized factorial trial examining the effects of a pre-treatment assessment interview and health educator guidance

Outcomes after traffic injury: mental health comorbidity and relationship with pain interference

Oxytocin receptor gene, childhood maltreatment and borderline personality disorder features among male inmates in China

Patient-reported outcomes in major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation: a real-world data analysis using PatientsLikeMe platform

Perceptions of procedural justice and coercion among forensic psychiatric patients: a study protocol for a prospective, mixed-methods investigation

Physical exercise, mental health problems, and suicide attempts in university students

Potential metabolic monitoring indicators of suicide attempts in first episode and drug naive young patients with major depressive disorder: a cross-sectional study

Potential trauma events and the psychological consequences for Yazidi women after ISIS captivity

Predicting therapeutic response to oral ketamine for chronic suicidal ideation: a Bayesian network for clinical decision support

Predictors of child resilience in a community-based cohort facing flood as natural disaster

Prevalence and associated factors of psychological distress among a national sample of in-school adolescents in Morocco

Prevalence and distribution pattern of mood swings in Thai adolescents: a school-based survey in the central region of Thailand

Prevalence and factors associated with depressive and anxiety symptoms among Palestinian medical students

Prevalence and risk factors of post-traumatic stress disorder among elderly survivors six months after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China

Prevalence of somatic and psychiatric morbidity across occupations in Switzerland and its correlation with suicide mortality: results from the Swiss National Cohort (1990-2014)

Prioritizing suicide prevention guideline recommendations in specialist mental healthcare: a Delphi study

Psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents in a middle-income Latin American country

Psychiatry during the Covid-19 pandemic: a survey on mental health departments in Italy

Psychometric properties of the German version of the Youth Psychopathic traits Inventory - Short Version

Psychometric properties of the moral injury symptom scale among Chinese health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Psychotically driven aggression is associated with greater mentalizing challenges in psychotic spectrum disorders

Recognizing states of psychological vulnerability to suicidal behavior: a Bayesian network of artificial intelligence applied to a clinical sample

Reduced serum VGF levels are linked with suicide risk in Chinese Han patients with major depressive disorder

Resilience, trauma, and hopelessness: protective or triggering factor for the development of psychopathology among migrants?

Self-enucleation of the right eye by a 38-year-old woman diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder: a case report

Self-harm with suicidal and non-suicidal intent in young people in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review

Self-poisoning with pesticides in Jiangsu Province, China: a cross-sectional study on 24,602 subjects

Self-reported symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress in Portuguese primary school-aged children

Should we increase the focus on diet when considering associations between lifestyle habits and deliberate self-harm?

Social interactions, experiences with adverse life events and depressive symptoms in individuals with visual impairment: a cross-sectional study

Socio-economic inequalities in the association between alcohol use disorder and depressive disorder among Thai adults: a population-based study

Spatial clustering of suicide mortality and associated community characteristics in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, 2011-2017

Stress on local and international psychotherapists in the crisis region of Iraq

Study protocol of personal characteristics and socio-cultural factors associated with mental health and quality of life of residents living in violent territories

Suicidal behaviours among adolescents in Liberia

Suicidal ideation among Lebanese adolescents: scale validation, prevalence and correlates

The association between depressive symptoms and self-rated health among university students: a cross-sectional study in France and Japan

The effects of suicidal ideation and constructs of theory of planned behavior on suicidal intention in women: a structural equation modeling approach

The engagement of psychiatrists in the assessment of euthanasia requests from psychiatric patients in Belgium: a survey study

The impact of motivational interviewing on relapse to substance use among women in Iran: a randomized clinical trial

The influence of antidepressant and psychotherapy treatment adherence on future work leaves for patients with major depressive disorder

The prevalence and associated factors of depression among patients with schizophrenia in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, cross-sectional study

The role of trauma experiences, personality traits, and genotype in maintaining posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among child survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake

The usefulness of pre-employment and pre-deployment psychological screening for disaster relief workers: a systematic review

Trajectories of posttraumatic stress symptoms during and after Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) in refugees

Using EMDR therapy with patients in an acute mental health crisis

Validation of the German Capability for Suicide Questionnaire (GCSQ) in a high-risk sample of suicidal inpatients

Violence rate dropped during a shift to individualized patient-oriented care in a high security forensic psychiatric ward

What are the barriers, facilitators and interventions targeting help-seeking behaviours for common mental health problems in adolescents? A systematic review

What is the impact of psychiatric decision units on mental health crisis care pathways? Protocol for an interrupted time series analysis with a synthetic control study