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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 13
Journal Issue: 11
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 25

A case study of dynamic response analysis and safety assessment for a suspended monorail system

A comparative study of dog- and cat-induced injury on incidence and risk factors among children

Air pollution exposure in relation to the commute to school: a Bradford UK case study

An indoor monitoring system for ambient assisted living based on internet of things architecture

Association between suicide ideation and attempts and being an immigrant among adolescents, and the role of socioeconomic factors and school, behavior, and health-related difficulties

Crash frequency analysis using hurdle models with random effects considering short-term panel data

Crash risk prediction modeling based on the traffic conflict technique and a microscopic simulation for freeway interchange merging areas

Drinking and driving among recent Latino immigrants: the impact of neighborhoods and social support

Drivers' visual search patterns during overtaking maneuvers on freeway

Drug dependence treatment awareness among Japanese female stimulant drug offenders

Evaluation research of the effects of longitudinal speed reduction markings on driving behavior: a driving simulator study

Gender differences in the longitudinal association between work-related injury and depression

Is green exercise for all? A descriptive study of green exercise habits and promoting factors in adult Norwegians

Major natural disasters in China, 1985-2014: occurrence and damages

Multilevel safety climate and safety performance in the construction industry: development and validation of a top-down mechanism

Opioid substitution treatment planning in a disaster context: perspectives from emergency management and health professionals in aotearoa/new zealand

Polish version of the Neighbourhood Environment Walkability Scale (NEWS-Poland)

Preventive effects of safety helmets on traumatic brain injury after work-related falls

Psychological predictors of seeking help from mental health practitioners among a large sample of Polish young adults

Sociocultural determinants of risky sexual behaviors among adult Latinas: a longitudinal study of a community-based sample

Stakeholders' perception on national heatwave plans and their local implementation in Belgium and The Netherlands

The effects of a skill-based intervention for victims of bullying in Brazil

The impacts of air temperature on accidental casualties in Beijing, China

The safety attitudes of senior managers in the Chinese coal industry

Using virtual street audits to understand the walkability of older adults' route choices by gender and age