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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 14
Journal Issue: 9
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 47

Active transportation on a complete street: perceived and audited walkability correlates

Analysis of baseline computerized neurocognitive testing results among 5-11-year-old male and female children playing sports in recreational leagues in Florida

Artificial turf: contested terrains for precautionary public health with particular reference to europe?

Collaborative visual analytics: a health analytics approach to injury prevention

Community capacity building for physical activity promotion among older adults-a literature review

Depression and risk of unintentional injury in rural communities-a longitudinal analysis of the Australian Rural Mental Health Study

Disaster governance for community resilience in coastal towns: chilean case studies

Does physical activity mediate the associations between local-area descriptive norms, built environment walkability, and glycosylated hemoglobin?

Effect of sex and body mass index on children's physical activity intensity during free play at an indoor soft play center: an exploratory study

Effects of heat stress on construction labor productivity in Hong Kong: a case study of rebar workers

Enhancing youth participation using the PREP intervention: parents' perspectives

Environmental influences on maternal and child health

Exploring the relationship between housing and health for refugees and asylum seekers in South Australia: a qualitative study

Family social environment and parenting predictors of alcohol use among adolescents in Lithuania

Fitness, fatness and active school commuting among Liverpool schoolchildren

Gender differences in problematic alcohol consumption in university professors

Green space and depression during pregnancy: results from the Growing Up in New Zealand Study

Heat health messages: a randomized controlled trial of a preventative messages tool in the older population of South Australia

Hospital costs of foreign non-resident patients: a comparative analysis in Catalonia, Spain

Identification of a group's physiological synchronization with earth's magnetic field

Improved housing accessibility for older people in sweden and germany: short term costs and long-term gains

Increase of elderly population in the rainstorm hazard areas of China

Longitudinal impact of Hurricane Sandy exposure on mental health symptoms

Modeling burns for pre-cooled skin flame exposure

Mother's IPV, child maltreatment type and the presence of PTSD in children and adolescents

Mothers' perceived neighbourhood environment and outdoor play of 2- to 3.5-year-old children: findings from the Healthy Beginnings Trial

Neighbourhood environmental attributes associated with walking in south Australian adults: differences between urban and rural areas

New methods to address old challenges: the use of administrative data for longitudinal replication studies of child maltreatment

Polytrauma defined by the new Berlin definition: a validation test based on propensity-score matching approach

Poverty and child behavioral problems: the mediating role of parenting and parental well-being

Prevalence, causes and social factors of visual impairment among Chinese adults: based on a national survey

Public health services utilization and its determinants among internal migrants in China: evidence from a nationally representative survey

Relationship between social support networks and physical functioning in older community-dwelling mexicans

Relationships between safe pesticide practice and perceived benefits and subjective norm, and the moderation role of information acquisition: evidence from 971 farmers in China

Smoothed temporal atlases of age-gender all-cause mortality in South Africa

Social environment of older people during the first year in senior housing and its association with physical performance

Spatial variability of geriatric depression risk in a high-density city: a data-driven socio-environmental vulnerability mapping approach

Stress and depressive symptoms in cancer survivors and their family members: Korea Community Health Survey, 2012

Surveillance bias in child maltreatment: a tempest in a teapot

The burden of suicide in rural Bangladesh: magnitude and risk factors

The Canadian Atlas of Child and Youth Injury: mobilizing injury surveillance data to launch a national knowledge translation tool

The effect of taichi practice on attenuating bone mineral density loss: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

The effect of vitamin A on fracture risk: a meta-analysis of cohort studies

The effects of socioeconomic vulnerability, psychosocial services, and social service spending on family reunification: a multilevel longitudinal analysis

The relationship between survival sex and borderline personality disorder symptoms in a high risk female population

The short-term effects of a cyberbullying prevention intervention for parents of middle school students

Trauma affecting Asian-Pacific Islanders in the San Francisco Bay Area