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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 12
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 44

Active ageing: mapping of scientific coverage

Air pollution exposure in walking school bus routes: a New Zealand case study

Analysis of anxiety, depression and aggression in patients attending pain clinics

Assessment of patient and occupational safety culture in hospitals: development of a questionnaire with comparable dimensions and results of a feasibility study in a German university hospital

Association between problematic internet use and sleep disturbance among adolescents: the role of the child's sex

Chemical composition and safety of unrecorded grain alcohol (bai jiu) samples from three provinces in China

Children's improvement of a motor response during backward falls through the implementation of a Safe Fall program

Comorbidity of symptoms of alcohol and cannabis use disorders among a population-based sample of simultaneous users. Insight from a network perspective

Correlation analysis to identify the effective data in machine learning: prediction of depressive disorder and emotion states

Could alcohol abuse drive intimate partner violence perpetrators' psychophysiological response to acute stress?

Delivery of fall prevention interventions for at-risk older adults in rural areas: findings from a national dissemination

Development of a neighbourhood walkability index for Porto metropolitan area. How strongly is walkability associated with walking for transport?

Does instruction of oral health behavior for workers improve work performance?-quasi-randomized trial

Doxing victimization and emotional problems among secondary school students in Hong Kong

Effect of road safety education on road risky behaviors of Spanish children and adolescents: findings from a national study

Emerging issues in occupational safety and health

Erratum: Yamanis, T., et al. Legal immigration status is associated with depressive symptoms among Latina transgender women in Washington, DC. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018, 15, 1246

Historical earthquakes and their socioeconomic consequences in China: 1950⁻2017

Impact of green space exposure on children's and adolescents' mental health: a systematic review

Impact of physical activity and sleep duration on depressive symptoms in hypertensive patients: results from a nationally representative Korean sample

Impact of the family environment on juvenile mental health: eSports online game addiction and delinquency

Incidence, costs and predictors of non-union, delayed union and mal-union following long bone fracture

Influence factors on injury severity of traffic accidents and differences in urban functional zones: the empirical analysis of Beijing

Lifetime spousal violence victimization and perpetration, physical illness, and health risk behaviours among women in India

Mental health among migrants in Shenzhen, China: does it matter whether the migrant population is identified by hukou or birthplace?

Migrant farmworkers' exposure to pesticides in Sonora, Mexico

Mobile app-based health promotion programs: a systematic review of the literature

Mode of commuting to school and its association with physical activity and sedentary habits in young Ecuadorian students

Mushroom poisoning-a 17 year retrospective study at a level I university emergency department in Switzerland

Occupational diseases among workers in lower and higher socioeconomic positions

Parenting practices as risk or preventive factors for adolescent involvement in cyberbullying: contribution of children and parent gender

Parenting style and reactive and proactive adolescent violence: evidence from spain

Perceptions of healthcare-associated infection and antibiotic resistance among physicians treating Syrian patients with war-related injuries

Psychological benefits of walking through forest areas

Research on the irrational behavior of consumers' safe consumption and its influencing factors

Resilience and poly-victimization among two cohorts of Norwegian youth

Safety analysis of motorcycle crashes in Seoul metropolitan area, South Korea: an application of nonlinear optimal scaling methods

Smartphone applications for mindfulness interventions with suicidality in Asian older adults: a literature review

Spirituality but not religiosity is associated with better health and higher life satisfaction among adolescents

The more educated, the healthier: evidence from rural China

The relationship between free press and under-reporting of non-fatal occupational injuries with data from representative national indicators, 2015: focusing on the lethality rate of occupational injuries among 39 countries

The role of gender in preparedness and response behaviors towards flood risk in Serbia

The role of job demands⁻resources (JDR) between service workers' emotional labor and burnout: new directions for labor policy at local government

What predicts stable mental health in the 18⁻29 age group compared to older age groups? Results from the Stockholm Public Health Cohort 2002⁻2014