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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

Accidents of electrical and mechanical works for public sector projects in Hong Kong

Analysis of occupational accidents in underground and surface mining in Spain using data-mining techniques

Assessing the association of food preferences and self-reported psychological well-being among middle-aged and older adults in contemporary China-results from the China Health and Nutrition Survey

Assessing the use of media reporting recommendations by the World Health Organization in suicide news published in the most influential media sources in China, 2003-2015

Burden of injuries in Bangladesh: a population-based assessment

Commonalities between disaster and climate change risks for health: a theoretical framework

Community readiness for the promotion of physical activity in older adults-a cross-sectional comparison of rural and urban communities

Comparative effectiveness of published interventions for elderly fall prevention: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Copycats in pilot aircraft-assisted suicides after the Germanwings incident

Demonstrating impact: lessons learned from the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council's AOD-Our-Way Program

Depression, suicidal behaviour, and mental disorders in older Aboriginal Australians

Do transit-oriented developments (TODs) and established urban neighborhoods have similar walking levels in Hong Kong?

Evaluation of regional vulnerability to disasters by people of Ishikawa, Japan: a cross sectional study using national health insurance data

Expanding understanding of response roles: an examination of immediate and first responders in the United States

Exploring heat stress relief measures among the Australian labour force

Exploring the driving factors of construction industrialization development in China

Exposure to suicide in high schools: impact on serious suicidal ideation/behavior, depression, maladaptive coping strategies, and attitudes toward help-seeking

Health disparities in the relationship of neighborhood greenness to mental health outcomes in 249,405 U.S. Medicare beneficiaries

Internet use and psychological well-being at advanced age: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Aging

Modeling pediatric body mass index and neighborhood environment at different spatial scales

Predicting circulatory diseases from psychosocial safety climate: a prospective cohort study from Australia

Problematic use of the internet and smartphones in university students: 2006-2017

Regional assessment of temperature-related mortality in Finland

Relationships among safety climate, safety behavior, and safety outcomes for ethnic minority construction workers

Resilience of an earthquake-stricken rural community in southwest China: correlation with disaster risk reduction efforts

Revealed preference methods for studying bicycle route choice-a systematic review

Social frailty leads to the development of physical frailty among physically non-frail adults: a four-year follow-up longitudinal cohort study

Suicidal ideation among the Chinese elderly and its correlates: a comparison between the rural and urban populations

Sustainable transportation and health

The emerging workforce of international university student workers: injury experience in an Australian university

The national and regional prevalence rates of disability, type, of disability and severity in Saudi Arabia: analysis of 2016 demographic survey data

The public health challenge of consumer non-compliance to toy product recalls and proposed solutions

The relationship between alcohol drinking patterns and sleep duration among black and white men and women in the United States

The relationship between impulsivity and internet gaming disorder in young adults: mediating effects of interpersonal relationships and depression

Urban green space and its impact on human health

Violent and non-violent criminal behavior among young Chinese drug users: a mixed methods study

What can we learn about workplace heat stress management from a safety regulator complaints database?

Work environment, stress, and driving anger: a structural equation model for predicting traffic sanctions of public transport drivers