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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 7
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 45

A bibliometric analysis of the global research trend in child maltreatment

A normal distribution-based methodology for analysis of fatal accidents in land hazardous material transportation

A scale for the management of aggressive and violent behaviour (C_MAVAS): psychometric properties testing in mental health nurses

Application options of the Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI)-assessing the status of sustainable development and establishing social impact pathways

Aspects of additional psychiatric disorders in severe depression/melancholia: a comparison between suicides and controls and general pattern

Associations between history of hospitalization for violence victimization and substance-use patterns among adolescents: a 2017 Korean National Representative Survey

Awareness, risk perception, and protective behaviors for extreme heat and climate change in New York City

Cool Communities-Urban Density, Trees, and Health

Descriptive epidemiology of Uruguayan adults' leisure time physical activity

Development of a strategic tool for shared decision-making in the use of antidepressants among patients with major depressive disorder: a focus group study

Differences in falls between older adult participants in group exercise and those who exercise alone: a cross-sectional study using Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGES) data

Effect of a positive photo appreciation program on depressive mood in older adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Effect of an intervention program based on active video games and motor games on health indicators in university students: a pilot study

Enhancing the quality and utility of content analyses for addictive disorders

Epidemiology of suicide and the psychiatric perspective

Gender and age differences in social inequality on adolescent life satisfaction: a comparative analysis of health behaviour data from 41 countries

Gender differences in psychological well-being and health problems among European health professionals: analysis of psychological basic needs and job satisfaction

Human exposure to ferret badger rabies in Taiwan

Impact of the familiar environment in 11⁻14-year-old minors' mental health

Is it possible to "find space for mental health" in young people? Effectiveness of a school-based mental health literacy promotion program

Is there a relationship between lead exposure and aggressive behavior in shooters?

It doesn't end there: workplace bullying, work-to-family conflict, and employee well-being in Korea

Mental well-being of older people in finland during the first year in senior housing and its association with physical performance

Methanol as an unlisted ingredient in supposedly alcohol-based hand rub can pose serious health risk

Outcomes of a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of depression and anxiety prevention for adolescents with a high familial risk

Physical activity and outdoor play of children in public playgrounds-do gender and social environment matter?

Possible biological mechanisms linking mental health and heat-a contemplative review

Prevalence of all-cause mortality and suicide among bariatric surgery cohorts: a meta-analysis

Psychiatric emergencies of asylum seekers; descriptive analysis and comparison with immigrants of warranted residence

Rural households' livelihood capital, risk perception, and willingness to purchase earthquake disaster insurance: evidence from southwestern China

Self-reported sleep duration and its correlates with sociodemographics, health behaviours, poor mental health, and chronic conditions in rural persons 40 years and older in South Africa

Social risk factors of transportation PPP projects in China: a sustainable development perspective

Stampede prevention design of primary school buildings in china: a sustainable built environment perspective

Suicide risk among immigrants and ethnic minorities: a literature overview

Suicide stigma among medical students in Puerto Rico

The association between mental wellbeing, levels of harmful drinking, and drinking motivations: a cross-sectional study of the UK adult population

The impact of heat waves on emergency department admissions in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A

The Problem with Low-Prevalence of Bullying

The vicious circle of working hours, sleep, and recovery in expert work

Toxic effects of methanol among illegally dispatched workers at aluminum CNC cutting process in small-scale, third-tier subcontractor factories of smartphone manufacturers in the Republic of Korea

Using interpretative structural modeling to identify critical success factors for safety management in subway construction: a china study

Verbal and non-verbal aggression in a Swiss university emergency room: a descriptive study

Walking and walkability in pre-set and self-defined neighborhoods: a mental mapping study in older adults

Weather and suicide: a decade analysis in the five largest capital cities of Colombia

Young workers' access to and awareness of occupational safety and health services: age-differences and possible drivers in a large survey of employees in Italy