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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 8
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 30

Academic response to storm-related natural disasters-lessons learned

Age, period, and cohort effects on suicide mortality in South Korea, 1992⁻2015

Aircraft noise and psychological ill-health: the results of a cross-sectional study in France

An analysis of reported dangerous incidents, exposures, and near misses amongst army soldiers

Assessing effect modification of excess winter death by causes of death and individual characteristics in Zhejiang Province, China: a multi-community case-only analysis

Assessing heat-related mortality risks among rural populations: a systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological evidence

Characteristic analysis of unsafe behavior by coal miners: multi-dimensional description of the pan-scene data

Chronic disease, disability, psychological distress and suicide ideation among rural elderly: results from a population survey in Shandong

Core symptoms of major depressive disorder among palliative care patients

Decision analysis of disturbance management in the process of medical supplies transportation after natural disasters

Distinct influences of urban villages on urban heat islands: a case study in the Pearl River Delta, China

Does SuperPark make children less sedentary? How visiting a commercial indoor activity park affects 7 to 12 years old children's daily sitting and physical activity time

Exploring the relationship between ridesharing and public transit use in the United States

Household preparedness and preferred communication channels in public health emergencies: a cross-sectional survey of residents in an Asian developed urban city

Implementation of motivational interviewing training in an undergraduate nursing curriculum: identifying adolescents at risk for substance use

Increasing probability of heat-related mortality in a Mediterranean city due to urban warming

Increasing screening follow-up for vulnerable children: a partnership with school nurses

Live and let die? Life cycle human health impacts from the use of tire studs

Poor dietary habits in bullied adolescents: the moderating effects of diet on depression

Rapid population growth in Chinese floodplains from 1990 to 2015

Related factors of suicidal ideation among North Korean refugee youth in South Korea

Relationship between sleep disorders and health related quality of life-results from the Georgia SOMNUS Study

Sexual violence against women in Germany: prevalence and risk markers

Situational use of child restraint systems and carpooling behaviors in parents and caregivers

The effect of an automated phone warning and health advisory system on adaptation to high heat episodes and health services use in vulnerable groups-evidence from a randomized controlled study

Towards a greater understanding of suicidal behaviour and its prevention

Understanding educational and psychosocial factors associated with alcohol use among adolescents in Denmark; implications for health literacy interventions

Weather and health symptoms

Who has higher willingness to pay for occupational safety and health? Views from groups with different public identities and differences in attention

Youth and adult visitation and physical activity intensity at rural and urban parks