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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 9
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

A cross sectional examination of the relation between depression and frequency of leisure time physical exercise among the elderly in Jinan, China

An assessment of the relationships between extreme weather events, vulnerability, and the impacts on human wellbeing in Latin America

An explanatory model for the relationship between motivation in sport, victimization, and video game use in schoolchildren

Associations among elder abuse, depression and PTSD in South Korean older adults

Associations between bystanders and perpetrators of online hate: the moderating role of toxic online disinhibition

Correction: Kinchin, I.; Doran, C.M. The cost of youth suicide in Australia. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018, 15, 672

Correlates of non-medical prescription drug misuse among a treatment-seeking population: a comparison with illicit drug users

Diagnosis on transport risk based on a combined assessment of road accidents and watershed vulnerability to spills of hazardous substances

Do progestin-only contraceptives contribute to the risk of developing depression as implied by beta-arrestin 1 levels in leukocytes? A pilot study

Effects of clockwise and counterclockwise job shift work rotation on sleep and work-life balance on hospital nurses

Evaluation of a novel classification of heat-related illnesses: a multicentre observational study (Heat Stroke STUDY 2012)

Exploring neighborhood environments and active commuting in Chennai, India

Geographical accessibility of community health assist system general practitioners for the elderly population in Singapore: a case study on the elderly living in housing development board flats

Hands-on experience of crowdsourcing for flood risks. An Android mobile application tested in Frederikssund, Denmark

Impact of antidepressant use on healthcare utilization among individuals with type 2 diabetes and depression symptoms in the United States: sociodemographic, clinical, and behavioral factors matter

Improving sexual health education programs for adolescent students through game-based learning and gamification

Increased urgent care center visits by southeast European migrants: a retrospective, controlled trial from Switzerland

Loneliness at universities: determinants of emotional and social loneliness among students

Mitigation policy acceptance model: an analysis of individual decision making process toward residential seismic strengthening

Mothers and children exposed to intimate partner violence: a review of treatment interventions

Objectively measured neighborhood walkability and change in physical activity in older Japanese adults: a five-year cohort study

Occupational health and safety vulnerability of recent immigrants and refugees

Perceived neighbourhood problems over time and associations with adiposity

Physical activity and fundamental motor skill performance of 5⁻10 year old children in three different playgrounds

Pre-service teachers' intervention in school bullying episodes with special education needs students: a research in Italian and Greek samples

Prevailing over adversity: factors counteracting the long-term negative health influences of social and material disadvantages in youth

Prevalence of depression among migrants: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Prevalence of sexual violence in migrants, applicants for international protection, and refugees in Europe: a critical interpretive synthesis of the evidence

Seasonal allergies and psychiatric disorders in the United States

Shift work and occupational accident absence in Belgium: findings from the Sixth European Working Condition Survey

Sleep and mental health in truck drivers: descriptive review of the current evidence and proposal of strategies for primary prevention

Socio-demographic, health and lifestyle factors influencing age of sexual initiation among adolescents

Suicide Risk and Mental Disorders

Surveying alcohol outlet density in four neighborhoods of Beirut Lebanon: implications for future research and national policy

The association of built environment and physical activity in older adults: using a citywide public housing scheme to reduce residential self-selection bias

The global challenge of child injury prevention

The influence of organizational factors on road transport safety

The Neighborhood Effect Averaging Problem (NEAP): an elusive confounder of the neighborhood effect

The potential implications of autonomous vehicles in and around the workplace

Truck and multivehicle truck accidents with injuries near Colorado oil and gas operations