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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 11
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

"Beyond safer injecting"-health and social needs and acceptance of support among clients of a supervised injecting facility

"I would never come here because I've got my own garden": older adults' perceptions of small urban green spaces

Alcohol use and misuse among school-going adolescents in Thailand: results of a national survey in 2015

An exploration of hiking risk perception: dimensions and antecedent factors

Associations of neighborhood walkability with sedentary time in Nigerian older adults

Change in municipality-level health-related social capital and depressive symptoms: ecological and 5-year repeated cross-sectional study from the JAGES

Chinese public response to occupational safety and health problems-a study based on psychological distance

Classification of fatigued and drunk driving based on decision tree methods: a simulator study

Critical success factors of a drug traceability system for creating value in a pharmaceutical supply chain (PSC)

Development of a WebGIS-based analysis tool for human health protection from the impacts of prescribed fire smoke in southeastern USA

Do differences in social environments explain gender differences in recreational walking across neighbourhoods?

Emergency evacuation plan for hazardous chemicals leakage accidents using GIS-based risk analysis techniques in South Korea

Environmental correlates of motor competence in children-the Skilled Kids Study

Evaluation of a suicide prevention program in Switzerland: protocol of a cluster non-randomized controlled trial

Examining the impact of victimization on girls' delinquency: a study of direct and indirect effects

Interpersonal sensitivity and loneliness among Chinese gay men: a cross-sectional survey

Intrinsic motivation and psychological connectedness to drug abuse and rehabilitation: the perspective of self-determination

Linking a history of childhood abuse to adult health among Canadians: a structural equation modelling analysis

Local alcohol policy implementation in Scotland: understanding the role of accountability within licensing

Longer residence of Ecuadorian and Colombian migrant workers in Spain associated with new episodes of common mental disorders

Mind the gap: professionalization is the key to strengthening safety and leadership in the construction sector

Predictors of in-hospital mortality in aboriginal children admitted to a tertiary paediatric hospital

Psychosocial motivators for moderate drinking among young Asian flushers in Singapore

Risk factors for workplace bullying: a systematic review

School choice at a cost? Academic achievement, school satisfaction and psychological complaints among students in disadvantaged areas of Stockholm

Suicide trends over time by occupation in Korea and their relationship to economic downturns

Sulfuryl fluoride poisonings in structural fumigation, a highly regulated industry-potential causes and solutions

Test-retest reliability and Walk ScoreĀ® neighbourhood walkability comparison of an online perceived neighbourhood-specific adaptation of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)

The evaluation of building fire emergency response capability based on the CMM

The Safer Prescription of Opioids Tool (SPOT): a novel clinical decision support digital health platform for opioid conversion in palliative and end of life care-a single-centre pilot study

Trends in health-risk behaviors among Chinese adolescents

Understanding the factors and the corresponding interactions that influence construction worker safety performance from a competency-model-based perspective: evidence from scaffolders in China