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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 12
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 21

Advancing our understanding of heat wave criteria and associated health impacts to improve heat wave alerts in developing country settings

Age group differences in household accident risk perceptions and intentions to reduce hazards

Cyberbullying in gifted students: prevalence and psychological well-being in a Spanish sample

Determination of waste industrial dust safety characteristics

Disaster risk resilience in Colima-Villa de Alvarez, Mexico: application of the Resilience Index to flash flooding events

Effectiveness and estimation of cost-effectiveness of a group-based multicomponent physical exercise programme on risk of falling and frailty in community-dwelling older adults

Impact of extremely hot days on emergency department visits for cardiovascular disease among older adults in New York State

Improving schools' readiness for involvement in suicide prevention: an evaluation of the Creating Suicide Safety in Schools (CSSS) workshop

Interpersonal conflict, school connectedness and depressive symptoms in Chinese adolescents: moderation effect of gender and grade level

Leisure-time sedentary behavior is associated with psychological distress and substance use among school-going adolescents in five Southeast Asian countries: a cross-sectional study

Modal shift from cars and promotion of walking by providing pedometers in Yokohama City, Japan

Multi-temporal effects of urban forms and functions on urban heat islands based on local climate zone classification

Prevalence of burnout among primary health care staff and its predictors: a study in Iran

Problematic attachment to social media: five behavioural archetypes

Sedentary behaviour, physical activity and life satisfaction, happiness and perceived health status in university students from 24 countries

The effect of long working hours and overtime on occupational health: a meta-analysis of evidence from 1998 to 2018

The influence of bullying and cyberbullying in the psychological adjustment of victims and aggressors in adolescence

The potential psychological mechanism of subjective well-being in migrant workers: a structural equation models analysis

Two sides of a coin: a crisis response perspective on tourist community participation in a post-disaster environment

Understanding the participation in home, school, and community activities reported by children with disabilities and their parents: a pilot study

When and how do emotional intelligence and flourishing protect against suicide risk in adolescent bullying victims?