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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 13
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 36

A causal analysis of life expectancy at birth. Evidence from Spain

Alcohol use disorder among patients suffered from road collisions in a Vietnamese Delta Province

Applying the personal and social responsibility model-based program: differences according to gender between basic psychological needs, motivation, life satisfaction and intention to be physically active

Association between level of empathy, attitude towards physical education and victimization in adolescents: a multi-group structural equation analysis

Building a practice-based research agenda for wildfire smoke and health: a report of the 2018 Washington Wildfire Smoke Risk Communication Stakeholder Synthesis Symposium

Burden of disease due to traffic noise in Germany

Child-to-parent violence: attitude towards authority, social reputation and school climate

Determinants of health facility utilization at birth in South Sudan

Does cardiorespiratory fitness moderate the association between occupational stress, cardiovascular risk, and mental health in police officers?

Does parental mediation of technology use moderate the associations between cyber aggression involvement and substance use? A three-year longitudinal study

Dropout from court-mandated intervention programs for intimate partner violence offenders: the relevance of alcohol misuse and cognitive impairments

Effect of stress on the work ability of aging American workers: mediating effects of health

Environmental and motivational determinants of physical activity among Canadian Inuit in the Arctic

Family communication problems, psychosocial adjustment and cyberbullying

Gender-specific risk factors of physical activity-related injuries among middle school students in southern China

Health needs assessment of five Pennsylvania Plain populations

How do interpersonal relationships relieve adolescents' problematic mobile phone use? The roles of loneliness and motivation to use mobile phones

Human error: the impact of job insecurity on attention-related cognitive errors and error detection

Interaction of health literacy and problematic mobile phone use and their impact on non-suicidal self-injury among Chinese adolescents

Mental health of refugees and torture survivors: a critical review of prevalence, predictors, and integrated care

Moral disengagement as an explanatory factor of the polyivictimization of bullying and cyberbullying

Narrative review: the (mental) health consequences of the Northern Iraq Offensive of ISIS in 2014 for female Yezidis

Prevalence, reasons, and predisposing factors associated with 30-day hospital readmissions in Poland

Primary teeth bite marks analysis on various materials: a possible tool in children health risk analysis and safety assessment

Relationships between sleep patterns, health risk behaviors, and health outcomes among school-based population of adolescents: a panel analysis of the Korean Children and Youth Panel Survey

Risk riding behaviors of urban e-bikes: a literature review

Selection of level-dependent hearing protectors for use in an indoor shooting range

Sexting, mental health, and victimization among adolescents: a literature review

The COPEWELL Rubric: a self-assessment toolkit to strengthen community resilience to disasters

The effectiveness of parent training programs for child maltreatment and their components: a meta-analysis

The new path to improve construction safety performance in China: an evolutionary game theoretic approach

The number of adverse childhood experiences is associated with emotional and behavioral problems among adolescents

The relationship between parental perception of neighborhood collective efficacy and physical violence by parents against preschool children: a cross-sectional study in a county of China

Trauma informed child welfare systems-a rapid evidence review

Urban road network expansion and its driving variables: a case study of Nanjing City

What are the key workplace influences on pathways of work ability? A six-year follow up