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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

A cross-sectional description of parental perceptions and practices related to risky play and independent mobility in children: the New Zealand State of Play Survey

Active school transportation in winter conditions: biking together is warmer

Correction workers' burnout and outcomes: a Bayesian network approach

Dangers of mixed martial arts in the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Doxing: what adolescents look for and their intentions

Effects of socioeconomic status on physical and psychological health: lifestyle as a mediator

Effects of walking in a forest on young women

Health emergency disaster risk management of public transport systems: a population-based study after the 2017 subway fire in Hong Kong, China

Heart rate variability and performance of commercial airline pilots during flight simulations

Impact of morphological characteristics of green roofs on pedestrian cooling in subtropical climates

Impacts of lean construction on safety systems: a system dynamics approach

Long-term effects of psychological symptoms after occupational injury on return to work: a 6-year follow-up

Non-medical use of novel synthetic opioids: a new challenge to public health

Patterns of cyclist and pedestrian street crossing behavior and safety on an urban greenway

Primary reason for drinking among current, former, and never flushing college students

Religious coping, religiosity, depression and anxiety among medical students in a multi-religious setting

Serial multiple mediation analyses: how to enhance individual public health emergency preparedness and response to environmental disasters

SleepOMICS: how big data can revolutionize sleep science

Socioeconomic status and morbidity rate inequality in China: based on NHSS and CHARLS data

Socioeconomic vulnerability to depressive symptoms in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Study on lifestyle evaluation systems for the health of Chinese elderly

The relationship between objectively measured and self-reported sedentary behaviours and social connectedness among adolescents

The role of anthropogenic elements in the environment for affective states and cortisol concentration in mountain hiking-a crossover trial

Transnational child sexual abuse: outcomes from a roundtable discussion

Underlying dimensions of social cohesion in a rural community affected by wartime violence in Colombia

Urban sustainability evaluation under the modified TOPSIS based on grey relational analysis