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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

Are there changes in inequalities in injuries? A review of evidence in the WHO European Region

Area-level walkability and the geographic distribution of high body mass in Sydney, Australia: a spatial analysis using the 45 and up study

Association between the activity space exposure to parks in childhood and adolescence and cognitive aging in later life

Characterizing mental health treatment utilization among individuals exposed to the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks 14⁻15 years post-disaster

Cognitive assessment of older people: do sensory function and frailty matter?

Comparison of quality of life and work ability of taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers: evidence from Brazil

Effectiveness of the TEI program for bullying and cyberbullying reduction and school climate improvement

Effects of intervention program Prev@cib on traditional bullying and cyberbullying

Examining the walking accessibility, willingness, and travel conditions of residents in Saudi cities

Experiences with participation in a supervised group-based outdoor cycling programme for people with mental illness: a focus group study

Heat stress in indoor environments of Scandinavian urban areas: a literature review

Heat waves occurrence and outdoor workers' self-assessment of heat stress in Slovenia and Greece

Hierarchy of factors affecting the condition and development of sports and recreation infrastructure-impact on the recreational activity and health of the residents of a city (Poznan case study)

How can cities respond to flood disaster risks under multi-scenario simulation? A case study of Xiamen, China

Is urban household emergency preparedness associated with short-term impact reduction after a super typhoon in subtropical city?

Migrant workers from the Eastern-Mediterranean region and occupational injuries: a retrospective database-based analysis from North-Eastern Italy

Preventative intervention for social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in toddlers and their families: a pilot study

Relationship between perceived indoor temperature and self-reported risk for frailty among community-dwelling older people

Robustness and findings of a web-based system for depression assessment in a university work context

The effect of the treatment at a pain clinic on the patients' assessment of their pain intensity and the incidence of mental disorders in the form of anxiety, depression, and aggression

The Great Recession and children's mental health in Australia

The relationship between socioeconomic status, mental health, and need for long-term services and supports among the Chinese elderly in Shandong Province-a cross-sectional study

Trends in alcohol intake and the association between socio-demographic factors and volume of alcohol intake amongst adult male drinkers in China

Walk Score® and its associations with older adults' health behaviors and outcomes

Warning against critical slopes in agriculture: comprehension of targeted safety signs in a group of machinery operators in italy

What matters most for community social capital among older adults living in urban China: the role of health and family social capital