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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

Associations between home foreclosure and health outcomes in a Spanish city

Benefits of outdoor sports for society. A systematic literature review and reflections on evidence

Comparing the effects of road, railway, and aircraft noise on sleep: exposure⁻response relationships from pooled data of three laboratory studies

Complexity in implementing community drowning reduction programs in southern Bangladesh: a process evaluation protocol

Depressive symptoms after PCB exposure: hypotheses for underlying pathomechanisms via the thyroid and dopamine system

Depressive symptoms and migrant worker wages: estimation based on a nationally-representative panel dataset

Does sleep mediate the association between school pressure, physical activity, screen time, and psychological symptoms in early adolescents? A 12-country study

Effect of land cover fractions on changes in surface urban heat islands using landsat time-series images

Effects of neighborhood discrimination towards mainland immigrants on mental health in Hong Kong

Evaluation of implementing a home-based fall prevention program among community-dwelling older adults

Factors associated with participation of community-dwelling older adults in a home-based falls prevention program

Flammable substances in Korea considering the domino effect: assessment of safety distance

Gender identity: the human right of depathologization

Improving safety through non-technical skills in chemical plants: the validity of a questionnaire for the self-assessment of workers

Intimate partner violence among women with disabilities in Uganda

Loneliness amongst low-socioeconomic status elderly Singaporeans and its association with perceptions of the neighbourhood environment

LPG cars in a car park environment-how to make it safe

Measuring the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences by survey research methods

Mothers' difficulties and expectations for intervention of bullying among young children in South Korea

On the use of hair analysis for assessing arsenic intoxication

Planning of a health emergency disaster risk management programme for a Chinese ethnic minority community

Psychological disorder identifying method based on emotion perception over social networks

Public perceptions of environmental public health risks in the United States

Relationships between parent-reported parenting, child-perceived parenting, and children's mental health in Taiwanese children

RPC teacher-based program for improving coping strategies to deal with cyberbullying

The living environment and thermal behaviours of older South Australians: a multi-focus group study