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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 7
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

"You've gotta be careful": familial messages regarding sexual behavior and sexual relationships among African American adolescents

Alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) and negative alcohol-related consequences among South Korean college students

Analyzing the association between depression and high-risk sexual behavior among adult Latina immigrant farm workers in Miami-Dade County

Change-point analysis of eye movement characteristics for female drivers in anxiety

Cyberbullying across the lifespan of education: issues and interventions from school to university

Dealing with ethical concerns in suicide research: a survey of Australian researchers

Effect of insurance-related factors on the association between flooding and mental health outcomes

Effectiveness of structural⁻strategic family therapy in the treatment of adolescents with mental health problems and their families

Emergency department utilization among underserved African American older adults in South Los Angeles

Evaluating the safety risk of rural roadsides using a Bayesian network method

Family functioning and psychological health of children with mentally ill parents

Heat stress perception among native and migrant workers in Italian industries-case studies from the construction and agricultural sectors

Industrial odor source identification based on wind direction and social participation

Leveraging data quality to better prepare for process mining: an approach illustrated through analysing road trauma pre-hospital retrieval and transport processes in Queensland

Longitudinal change of PTSD symptoms in community members after the World Trade Center destruction

No man is an island: the impact of neighborhood disadvantage on mortality

Pre-existing disability and its risk of fragility hip fracture in older adults

Prevalence and psychosocial predictors of homophobic victimization among adolescents

Prevalence of child maltreatment and its association with parenting style: a population study in Hong Kong

Problematic internet use in university students attending three superior graduate schools in Italy: is autism spectrum related to suicide risk?

Psychological distress, family support and employment status in first-year university students in Spain

Self-reported and parent-reported school bullying in adolescents with high functioning autism spectrum disorder: the roles of autistic social impairment, attention-deficit/hyperactivity and oppositional defiant disorder symptoms

Social vulnerability in patients with multimorbidity: a cross-sectional analysis

Socio-economic inequalities in adolescent summer holiday experiences, and mental wellbeing on return to school: analysis of the school health research network/health behaviour in school-aged children survey in Wales

Stress and strain among seafarers related to the occupational groups

Teacher authority in long-lasting cases of bullying: a qualitative study from Norway and Ireland

The association between health conditions in World Trade Center responders and sleep-related quality of life and sleep complaints

The association between osteoporosis and grip strength and skeletal muscle mass in community-dwelling older women

The role of parental acceptance⁻rejection in emotional instability during adolescence

The role of religion in buffering the impact of stressful life events on depressive symptoms in patients with depressive episodes or adjustment disorder

Time spent working in custody influences work sample test battery performance of deputy sheriffs compared to recruits

Under-five mortality and associated factors: evidence from the Nepal Demographic and Health Survey (2001⁻2016)