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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: 8
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

A brief Spanish Version of the Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM). A dispositional mindfulness measure

A meta-analysis of the rates of suicide ideation, attempts and deaths in people with epilepsy

A pest to mental health? Exploring the link between exposure to agrichemicals in farmers and mental health

Aboriginal status and neighborhood income inequality moderate the relationship between school absenteeism and early childhood development

Are bus company regulations associated with crash risk? Findings from a retrospective survey in four Chinese cities

Between privilege and oppression: an intersectional analysis of active transportation experiences among Washington D.C. area youth

Built environment and health behaviors: deconstructing the black box of interactions-a review of reviews

Child-to-parent violence: which parenting style is more protective? A study with Spanish adolescents

Children's transport built environments: a mixed methods study of associations between perceived and objective measures and relationships with parent licence for independent mobility in Auckland, New Zealand

Cognitive and sensory dimensions of older people's preferences of outdoor spaces for walking: a survey study in Ireland

Construction worker risk-taking behavior model with individual and organizational factors

Development of scales to measure and analyse the relationship of safety consciousness and safety citizenship behaviour of construction workers: an empirical study in China

Diversity in the factors associated with ADL-related disability among older people in six middle-income countries: a cross-country comparison

Health-related quality of life and its determinants among criminal police officers

Health-related quality of life profiles among patients with different road traffic injuries in an urban setting of Vietnam

High sedentary behavior is associated with depression among rural South Africans

Improving the living, learning, and thriving of young black men: a conceptual framework for reflection and projection

Improving working conditions to promote worker safety, health, and wellbeing for low-wage workers: the Workplace Organizational Health Study

Investigating the aftershock of a disaster: a study of health service utilization and mental health symptoms in post-earthquake Nepal

Longitudinal associations between life satisfaction and cannabis use initiation, cessation, and disorder symptom severity in a cohort of young Swiss men

Machine learning methods to predict social media disaster rumor refuters

New and old indices for evaluating heat stress in an indoor environment: some considerations. Comment on Kownacki, L.; Gao, C.; Kuklane, K.; Wierzbicka, A. Heat stress in indoor environments of Scandinavian urban areas: a literature review. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16 (4), 560. doi:10.3390/ijerph16040560

Paternal and maternal influence on delinquency among early adolescents in Hong Kong

Perceived neighborhood environment and its association with health screening and exercise participation amongst low-income public rental flat residents in Singapore

Psychosocial management before, during, and after emergencies and disasters-results from the Kobe expert meeting

Relation between psychological restorativeness and lifestyle, quality of life, resilience, and stress-coping in forest settings

Relationships between social capital, social capital satisfaction, self-esteem, and depression among elderly urban residents: analysis of secondary survey data

Social media mentions of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) battery-related overheating, fires, and explosions: findings from a pilot study

Sounds of nature in the city: no evidence of bird song improving stress recovery

The effect of ethyl alcohol upon pedestrian trauma sustained in traffic crashes

The mediating role of job strain in the transformational leadership⁻safety behavior link: the buffering effect of self-efficacy on safety

Using Rural⁻Urban Continuum Codes (RUCCS) to examine alcohol-related motor vehicle crash injury and enforcement in New York State

What characteristics of urban green spaces and recreational activities do self-reported stressed individuals like? A case study of Baoji, China

Who should play a key role in preventing common mental disorders that affect employees in the workplace? Results of a survey with occupational health physicians, primary care physicians, psychotherapists, and human resource managers