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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2010
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A new washable low-cost garment for everyday fall detection

A system for ubiquitous fall monitoring at home via a wireless sensor network

Automatic segmentation of triaxial accelerometry signals for falls risk estimation

Basic study of brain injury mechanism

Behavioural microsleeps in normally-rested people

Body sway measurement for fall risk assessment using inexpensive webcams

Classification of elderly as fallers and non-fallers using Centre of Pressure velocity

Controlling swing foot center of mass and toe trajectory to minimize tripping risk

Different models for predicting driving performance in people with brain disorders

Fire fighters and rescuers monitoring through wearable sensors: The ProeTEX project

FIREGUIDE: Firefighter guide and tracker

Mass casualty incident surveillance and monitoring using identity aware video analytics

Modeling the human body shape in bioimpedance vector measurements

Multi-organ effects of Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW) - A review

Objective evaluation of stress with the blind by the monitoring of autonomic nervous system activity

Predicting losses of balance during upright stance: evaluation of a novel approach based on wearable accelerometers

Quantifying show jumping horse rider expertise using IMUs

RESPLA: A decision support framework for emergency resource planning

Software simulation of unobtrusive falls detection at night-time using passive infrared and pressure mat sensors

Statistical characterization of actigraphy data during sleep and wakefulness states

Thermal parameters measurement on fire fighter: Improvement of the monitoring system

Towards a brain controlled assistive technology for powered mobility

Towards unobtrusive in vivo monitoring of patients prone to falling