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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2013
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 30

A mobile-health application to detect wandering patterns of elderly people in home environment

A new virtual instrument for estimating punch velocity in combat sports

Ageing effects on medio-lateral balance during walking with increased and decreased step width

Artificial neural networks as an alternative to traditional fall detection methods

Basic study on a walking assist system with electrical stimulation for elderly people

Computation method for available response time due to tripping at minimum foot clearance

Detection of hemodynamic adaptations during impending syncope: Implementation of a robust algorithm based on pulse arrival time measurements only

Development of a point-of-care medical device to measure head impact in contact sports

Electrical safety of conducted electrical weapons relative to requirements of relevant electrical standards

Evaluation of the android-based fall detection system with physiological data monitoring

Frontal theta EEG dynamics in a real-world air traffic control task

Gait phase detection in able-bodied subjects and dementia patients

IEEE802.15.6 -based multi-accelerometer WBAN system for monitoring Parkinson's disease

Improvement of acoustic fall detection using Kinect depth sensing

In-home measurement of the effect of strategically weighted vests on ambulation

Microsaccades generated during car driving

Potential to fall of bipeds using foot kinematics

Quantitative analysis of the fall-risk assessment test with wearable inertia sensors

Road information collection and sharing system

Seated balance during pitch motion with and without visual input

Sport helmet design and virtual impact test by image-based finite element modeling

Steering timing prediction in a driving simulator task

Step Training System: an ICT solution to measure and reduce fall risk in older adults

The role of augmentative visual training in auditory human-machine-interface performance

Thermophysiological responses induced by a body heat removal system with peltier devices in a hot environment

Using a foot mounted accelerometer to detect changes in gait patterns

Using single leg standing time to predict the fall risk in elderly

Using wearable UWB radios to measure foot clearance during walking

Wireless-based portable EEG-EOG monitoring for real time drowsiness detection

Yaw rate and linear velocity stabilized manual wheelchair