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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2014
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 41

A comparison of cross-sectional and prospective algorithms for falls risk assessment

A gait analysis method based on a depth camera for fall prevention

A multifactorial falls risk prediction model for hospitalized older adults

A novel web-based depth video rewind approach toward fall preventive interventions in hospitals

A real time study of the human equilibrium using an instrumented insole with 3 pressure sensors

A study of position independent algorithms for phone-based gait frequency detection

A study on estimation of planar gait kinematics using minimal inertial measurement units and inverse kinematics

A survey of phase variable candidates of human locomotion

A Theoretical study on the placement of microphone arrays for improving the localization accuracy of a fall

Acceleration trajectory analysis in remote gait monitoring

An automatic fall detection framework using data fusion of Doppler radar and motion sensor network

An objective index to estimate the survival rate of primary blast lung injury

Brain biomarkers based assessment of cognitive workload in pilots under various task demands

Chair rise transfer detection and analysis using a pendant sensor: an algorithm for fall risk assessment in older people

Choice stepping reaction time test using exergame technology for fall risk assessment in older people

Data sample size needed for prediction of movement distributions

Detecting human falls with 3-axis accelerometer and depth sensor

Disease state fingerprint for fall risk assessment

Distributions in the error space: goal-directed movements described in time and state-space representations

Fall detection for elderly using anatomical-plane-based representation

Gait as a biomarker? Accelerometers reveal that reduced movement quality while walking is associated with Parkinson's disease, ageing and fall risk

Human balance responses to perturbations in the horizontal plane

Kinematic characteristics of gait in middle-aged adults during level walking

Localized BIA identifies structural and pathophysiological changes in soft tissue after post-traumatic injuries in soccer players

Low-cost EEG-based sleep detection

Measuring in-home walking speed using wall-mounted RF transceiver arrays

Mobile Robotic Assistive Balance Trainer - An intelligent compliant and adaptive robotic balance assistant for daily living

Optimizing learning of a locomotor task: amplifying errors as needed

Pilot evaluation of an unobtrusive system to detect falls at nighttime

Predicting occurrence of errors during a Go/No-Go task from EEG signals using Support Vector Machine

Preliminary study of unobtrusive monitoring to increase safety in daily living

Quantitative assessment of post-concussion syndrome following mild traumatic brain injury using robotic technology

Self-adaptive fall-detection apparatus embedded in glasses

Stress-oriented driver assistance system for electric vehicles

The effect of window size and lead time on pre-impact fall detection accuracy using support vector machine analysis of waist mounted inertial sensor data

The sternum as an electrical shield

Using a pilot study to establish experimental methods for inexpensive instrumented insoles used in dynamic skiing analysis

Validation of an accelerometer-based fall prediction model

Validation of the Kinect for gait analysis using the GAITRite walkway

Variability in responsiveness to interventions in people with spinal cord injury: do some respond better than others?

Voltage compensation based calibration measurement of 3D-acceleration transducer in fall detection system for the elderly