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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2015
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 24

A fall prediction methodology for elderly based on a depth camera

A shape-based helmet fitting system for concussion protection

A tactile handle for cane use monitoring

An analysis on driver drowsiness based on reaction time and EEG band power

Automatic vs. Clinical assessment of fall risk in older individuals: a proof of concept

Camera-based fall detection using a particle filter

Cardiac fibrillation risks with TASER conducted electrical weapons

Classification of older adults with/without a fall history using machine learning methods

Context aware falls risk assessment: A case study comparison

Context focused older adult mobility and gait assessment

Easy-to-use, general, and accurate multi-Kinect calibration and its application to gait monitoring for fall prediction

Electric fence standards comport with human data and AC limits

Fall detection algorithm in energy efficient multistate sensor system

Fall-detection solution for mobile platforms using accelerometer and gyroscope data

Gait analysis and estimation of changes in fall risk factors

Gait assessment using the Kinect RGB-D sensor

Gait rehabilitation with a high tech platform based on virtual reality conveys improvements in walking ability of children suffering from acquired brain injury

Investigating the correlation between the neural activity and task performance in a psychomotor vigilance test

Prediction of outcome in traumatic brain injury patients using long-term qEEG features

Robotic psychophysics system for assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of the neurological causes of falls in the elderly

Smartphone-based system to improve transportation access for the cognitively impaired

Temporal and kinematic variables for real-world falls harvested from lumbar sensors in the elderly population

The use of technology in suicide prevention

Wearable technology and ECG processing for fall risk assessment, prevention and detection