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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2016
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 58

A fresh perspective on dissecting action into discrete submotions

A Kalman filter to estimate altitude change during a fall

A self-aligning knee joint for walking assistance devices

A smartphone application suite for assessing mobility

A stimulation-driven exoskeleton for walking after paraplegia

An adaptive and robust online method to predict gait events

An efficient K-NN approach for automatic drowsiness detection using single-channel EEG recording

Analysis of loss of alertness due to cognitive fatigue using motif synchronization of EEG records

Automated assessment of postural stability system

Balance quality assessment as an early indicator of physical frailty in older people

Biomechanical analysis of a fall: velocities at impact

Can we make a carpet smart enough to detect falls?

Classification of pilot-induced oscillations during in-flight piloting exercises using dry EEG sensor recordings

Context-aware fall detection using inertial sensors and time-of-flight transceivers

Current distribution in tissues with conducted electrical weapons operated in drive-stun mode

Detection of compensatory balance responses using wearable electromyography sensors for fall-risk assessment

Detection of steering direction using EEG recordings based on sample entropy and time-frequency analysis

Development and pilot clinical evaluation of a haptic-based perception-empathy biofeedback device for gait rehabilitation

Development of a head impact monitoring "Intelligent Mouthguard"

DIORAMA enhances efficiency of a mass casualty incident: system and experimentation

Doorstep: a doorbell security system for the prevention of doorstep crime

Driver drowsiness detection using the in-ear EEG

Dynamic cerebral autoregulation in young athletes following concussion

EEG-based driver fatigue detection using hybrid deep generic model

Effects of lower limb electrical stimulation on trunk stability in persons with SCI during walking: a case series

Emotion classification using single-channel scalp-EEG recording

Enhancing improved heuristic drift elimination for step-and-heading based pedestrian dead-reckoning systems

Fall detection algorithms for real-world falls harvested from lumbar sensors in the elderly population: a machine learning approach

Fall risk factors analysis based on sample entropy of plantar kinematic signal during stance phase

Fall risk probability estimation based on supervised feature learning using public fall datasets

Feasibility of unobstrusive ambient sensors for fall detections in home environment

Identifying depressed patients with and without suicidal ideation by finger photo-plethysmography

Identifying the number and location of body worn sensors to accurately classify walking, transferring and sedentary activities

Impact of mild traumatic brain injury on auditory brain stem dysfunction in mouse model

Low-power operation of a barometric pressure sensor for use in an automatic fall detector

Movement imagery classification in EMOTIV cap based system by naïve Bayes

Neuromorphic circuit modeling directional selectivity in the visual cortex

Noninvasive EEG correlates of overground and stair walking

Online learning of gait models for calculation of gait parameters

Portable video-oculography device for implementation in sideline concussion assessments: a prototype

Postural responses after utilization of a computerized biofeedback based intervention aimed at improving static and dynamic balance in traumatic brain injury: a case study

Prediction of microsleeps from EEG: preliminary results

Preliminary results of residual deficits observed in athletes with concussion history: combined EEG and cognitive study

Principal component analysis can decrease neural networks performance for incipient falls detection: a preliminary study with hands and feet accelerations

Real-time measures of context to improve fall-detection models

Real-time physiological and facial monitoring for safe driving

Relationship between magnitude of applied torque in pre-swing phase and gait change for prevention of trip in elderly people

Research on EEG features of attended and unattended vigilance

Single-channel EEG-based mental fatigue detection based on deep belief network

Split-belt adaptation and gait symmetry in transtibial amputees walking with a hybrid EMG controlled ankle-foot prosthesis

Split-belt controllable treadmill with differential velocity-based fall stimulation and motion analysis

Testing non-wearable fall detection methods in the homes of older adults

Toward a low-cost gait analysis system for clinical and free-living assessment

Tracking driver's heart rate by continuous-wave Doppler radar

Two-threshold energy based fall detection using a triaxial accelerometer

UHF wearable battery free sensor module for activity and falling detection

Validity of the small swine model for human electrical safety risks

Vision-based responders localization techniques in urban search and rescue scenarios