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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2017
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 25

A new fall-inducing technology platform: Development and assessment of a programmable split-belt treadmill

Accuracy of a wavelet-based fall detection approach using an accelerometer and a barometric pressure sensor

An elderly fall detection using a wrist-worn accelerometer and barometer

Analysis of gait pattern during stair walk for improvement of gait training robot

Automatic analysis of the aggressive behavior of laboratory animals using thermal video processing

Brain functional connectivity alterations in a rat model of excessive alcohol drinking: a resting-state network analysis

Characterizing dynamic balance during adaptive locomotor learning

Concussion management application for amateur sports

Correlation of P300 ERPs with visual stimuli and its application to vigilance detection

Development of a gesture and voice controlled system for burn injury prevention in individuals with disabilities

Development of wearable muscle fatigue detection system using capacitance coupling electrodes

Fall detection using smart floor sensor and supervised learning

Gender difference of ankle stability in the sagittal and frontal planes

Improving the accuracy of existing camera based fall detection algorithms through late fusion

Measuring vigilance decrement using computer vision assisted eye tracking in dynamic naturalistic environments

Movement augmentation to evaluate human control of locomotor stability

New conducted electrical weapons: electrical safety relative to relevant standards

New conducted electrical weapons: finite element modeling of safety margins

New conducted electrical weapons: thoracic cage shielding effects

Real-time gait analysis with accelerometer-based smart shoes

Relationship between amplitude of resting-state fNIRS global signal and EEG vigilance measures

Role of multisensory stimuli in vigilance enhancement- a single trial event related potential study

The use of shear thickening polymer as a hip protecter

Three drowsiness categories assessment by electroencephalogram in driving simulator environment

Video analysis of "YouTube funnies" to aid the study of human gait and falls - preliminary results and proof of concept