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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2019
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 37

A closed-loop method to identify EMG-torque dynamics in human balance control

A wearable system to analyze the human arm for predicting injuries due to throwing

Agitation detection in people living with dementia using multimodal sensors

Agreement between Opal and G-walk wearable inertial systems in gait analysis on normal and pathological subjects

Analyzing progression of motor and speech impairment in ALS

Anticipatory and compensatory postural responses during perturbed standing in individuals with traumatic brain injury

Capturing concussion related changes in dynamic balance using the Quantified Y Balance Test - a case series of six elite rugby union players

Cortical reactive balance responses to unexpected slippages while walking: a pilot study

Detection and classification of multidirectional steps for motor-cognitive training in older adults using shoe-mounted inertial sensors

Detection of stressful situations using GSR while driving a BCI-controlled wheelchair

EEG-based mental workload estimation

Electrical safety and performance of the G.L.O.V.E. relative to relevant requirements of international electrical standards

Electrocortical activity changes in response to unpredictable trip perturbations induced by a split-belt treadmill

Estimating center of mass trajectory in quiet standing: a review

Evaluation of daily walking activity and gait profiles: a novel application of a time series analysis framework

Evaluation of the walking-emotion relationship for applying to an assistive walking device

Evaluation of time-frequency features as detectors of lack of balance due to tripping-like perturbations

Fall detection for the elderly based on 3-axis accelerometer and depth sensor fusion with random forest classifier

Foot care to improve physical function and prevent falling of frail elderly adults with and without dementia

Geospatial suicide clusters and emergency responses: an analysis of text messages to a crisis service

Heart Rate Variability for Driver Sleepiness Classification in Real Road Driving Conditions

High impedance electrical accidents: importance of source and subject impedance

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities: a case study on inclusive beach tourism

Influence of user tasks on EEG-based classification performance in a hazard detection paradigm

Investigating normal day to day variations of postural control in a healthy young population using Wii balance boards

Laboratory and on-field data collected by a head impact monitoring mouthguard

Mobile apps for post traumatic stress disorder

Noise reduction for efficient in-vehicle respiration monitoring with accelerometers

On smartphone sensability of bi-phasic user intoxication levels from diverse walk types in standardized field sobriety tests

Pre-impact detection algorithm to identify lack of balance due to tripping-like perturbations

Prediction of response time and vigilance score in a sustained attention task from pre-trial phase synchrony using deep neural networks

Real-time cognitive workload monitoring based on machine learning using physiological signals in rescue missions

Reliability of the Balance Quality Tester (BQT) for balance quality measurement

Research of the regulation effect of cooling stimulation on vigilance

Sigmoid wake probability model for high-resolution detection of drowsiness using electroencephalogram

Sway risk analysis based on age group classification

Use of wearable technology to quantify fall risk in psychogeriatric environments: a feasability study