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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 10
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 44

A comparison of health outcomes in older versus younger adults following a road traffic crash injury: a cohort study

A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms and posttraumatic growth in a cohort of Israeli Jews and Palestinians during ongoing violence

A systematic review of hospital-to-school reintegration interventions for children and youth with acquired brain injury

Adult active transport in the Netherlands: an analysis of its contribution to physical activity requirements

Alcohol, binge drinking and associated mental health problems in young urban Chileans

Association between an internet-based measure of area racism and Black mortality

Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and Temperatures within Tour Buses under Real-Time Traffic Conditions

Change in and long-term investigation of neuro-otologic disorders in disaster-stricken Fukushima prefecture: retrospective cohort study before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Childhood- versus adolescent-onset antisocial youth with conduct disorder: psychiatric illness, neuropsychological and psychosocial function

Correction: Associations between work environment and psychological distress after a workplace terror attack: the importance of role expectations, predictability and leader support

Correction: Safety and efficacy of at-home robotic locomotion therapy in individuals with chronic incomplete spinal cord injury: a prospective, pre-post intervention, proof-of-concept study

Cross-modal calibration of vestibular afference for human balance

Cycling promotion and non-communicable disease prevention: health impact assessment and economic evaluation of cycling to work or school in Florence

Early Parental Loss and Self-Rated Health of Older Women and Men: A Population-Based, Multi-Country Study

Ecological validity of walking capacity tests in multiple sclerosis

Economic behavior under the influence of alcohol: an experiment on time preferences, risk-taking, and altruism

Emotion-motion interactions in conversion disorder: an FMRI study

Factors controlling vegetation fires in protected and non-protected areas of Myanmar

Fast fight detection

Flooding and mental health: a systematic mapping review

Football fan aggression: the importance of low Basal cortisol and a fair referee

Generating pedestrian trajectories consistent with the fundamental diagram based on physiological and psychological factors

How do i fit through that gap? Navigation through apertures in adults with and without developmental coordination disorder

Impact of income inequality and other social determinants on suicide rate in Brazil

Leading Causes of Death among Asian American Subgroups (2003-2011)

Loneliness and hypervigilance to social cues in females: an eye-tracking study

Men's facial width-to-height ratio predicts aggression: a meta-analysis

Mortality related to acute illness and injury in rural Uganda: task shifting to improve outcomes

Predictability of road traffic and congestion in urban areas

Reducing sexual violence by increasing the supply of toilets in Khayelitsha, South Africa: a mathematical model

Restoration of motion-blurred image based on border deformation detection: a traffic sign restoration model

Rumor diffusion and convergence during the 3.11 earthquake: a Twitter case study

Structural brain correlates associated with professional handball playing

Suicidal drownings with psychiatric disorders in Shanghai: a retrospective study from 2010.1 to 2014.6

The 50s cliff: a decline in perceptuo-motor learning, not a deficit in visual motion perception

The effect of geography and citizen behavior on motor vehicle deaths in the United States

The effect of implicitly incentivized faking on explicit and implicit measures of doping attitude: when athletes want to pretend an even more negative attitude to doping

The journey from traffic offender to severe road trauma victim: destiny or preventive opportunity?

The personal and contextual contributors to school belongingness among primary school students

The relationship between regular sports participation and vigilance in male and female adolescents

The tuning of human motor response to risk in a dynamic environment task

Tobacco use and suicide attempt: longitudinal analysis with retrospective reports

Voluntary alcohol intake following blast exposure in a rat model of mild traumatic brain injury

When is exposure to a natural disaster traumatic? Comparison of a trauma questionnaire and disaster exposure inventory