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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 10
Journal Issue: 7
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 52

A difference-in-differences study of the effects of a new abandoned building remediation strategy on safety

Adolescents' neural processing of risky decisions: effects of sex and behavioral disinhibition

Aligning natural resource conservation and flood hazard mitigation in California

An M/M/c/K state-dependent model for pedestrian flow control and design of facilities

An optimization model for the selection of bus-only lanes in a city

Association between maternal depression symptoms across the first eleven years of their child's life and subsequent offspring suicidal ideation

Association of body mass index with depression, anxiety and suicide-an instrumental variable analysis of the HUNT study

Associations of individual-related and job-related risk factors with nonfatal occupational injury in the coal workers of Shanxi Province: a cross-sectional study

Blunt cardiac injury in the severely injured - a retrospective multicentre study

Burn injury alters the intestinal microbiome and increases gut permeability and bacterial translocation

Can walking or biking to work really make a difference? Compact development, observed commuter choice and body mass index

Cognition and the placebo effect - dissociating subjective perception and actual performance

Combined influences of model choice, data quality, and data quantity when estimating population trends

Comparative assessment of the prognostic value of biomarkers in traumatic brain injury reveals an independent role for serum levels of neurofilament light

Comparing the age-friendliness of different neighbourhoods using district surveys: an example from Hong Kong

Contagion in mass killings and school shootings

Correction: Correction: Cerebral hemodynamic changes of mild traumatic brain injury at the acute stage

Correction: The ABC's of suicide risk assessment: applying a tripartite approach to individual evaluations

Designing psychological treatments for scalability: the PREMIUM approach

Dimensionless, scale invariant, edge weight metric for the study of complex structural networks

Do earthquakes shake stock markets?

Does traumatic brain injury lead to criminality? A whole-population retrospective cohort study using linked data

Effects of switching behavior for the attraction on pedestrian dynamics

Eight personal characteristics associated with the power to live with disasters as indicated by survivors of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake disaster

Gait pattern alterations during walking, texting and walking and texting during cognitively distractive tasks while negotiating common pedestrian obstacles

General and specific strategies used to facilitate locomotor maneuvers

Insights into sexism: male status and performance moderates female-directed hostile and amicable behaviour

K-shortest-path-based evacuation routing with police resource allocation in city transportation networks

Kinetic energy of tornadoes in the United States

Lifetime prevalence and factors associated with head injury among older people in low and middle income countries: a 10/66 study

No effects of bilateral tDCS over inferior frontal gyrus on response inhibition and aggression

Older age and time to medical assistance are associated with severity and mortality of snakebites in the Brazilian Amazon: a case-control study

Optimization of causative factors for landslide susceptibility evaluation using remote sensing and GIS data in parts of Niigata, Japan

Osteoporosis self-assessment tool for Asians can predict neurologic prognosis in patients with isolated moderate traumatic brain injury

Patterns of alcohol consumption and related behaviors in Brazil: evidence from the 2013 National Health Survey (PNS 2013)

Physical forces between humans and how humans attract and repel each other based on their social interactions in an online world

Posture and texting: effect on balance in young adults

Prevalence of non-volitional sex types and associated factors: a national sample of young people

Red color and risk-taking behavior in online environments

Risk factors for prolonged treatment of whiplash-associated disorders

Risk of criminal victimisation in outpatients with common mental health disorders

Sex differences in clinical features of early, treated Parkinson's disease

Sex trafficking related knowledge, awareness, and attitudes among adolescent female students in Nepal: a cross-sectional study

Social participation and disaster risk reduction behaviors in tsunami prone areas

Socioeconomic status and physical activity in Chinese adults: a report from a community-based survey in Jiaxing, China

Spatial clustering properties in the temporal variation of suicide rates/numbers among Japanese citizens: a comprehensive comparison and discussion

Statin effects on aggression: results from the UCSD Statin Study, a randomized control trial

Suicide and other-cause mortality after early exposure to smoking and second hand smoking: a 12-year population-based follow-up study

The influence of parental psychopathology on offspring suicidal behavior across the lifespan

Trauma with injury severity score of 75: are these unsurvivable injuries?

Value of information analysis applied to the economic evaluation of interventions aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency: an illustration

What's in a surname? Physique, aptitude, and sports type comparisons between Tailors and Smiths