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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 11
Journal Issue: 11
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 28

Attitudes towards intimate partner violence against women among women and men in 39 low- and middle-income countries

Binge drinking in young university students is associated with alterations in executive functions related to their starting age

Carcass persistence and detectability: reducing the uncertainty surrounding wildlife-vehicle collision surveys

Civility vs. Incivility in online social interactions: an evolutionary approach

Experimentally assessed reactive aggression in borderline personality disorder

Exploration of a polygenic risk score for alcohol consumption: a longitudinal analysis from the ALSPAC cohort

Features of the asynchronous correlation between the China coal price index and coal mining accidental deaths

How effective is road mitigation at reducing road-kill? A meta-analysis

Identifying predictors and prevalence of alcohol consumption among university students: nine years of follow-up

Light effects on behavioural performance depend on the individual state of vigilance

Neurofunctional abnormalities during sustained attention in severe childhood abuse

Population differences in postural response strategy associated with exposure to a novel continuous perturbation stimuli: would dancers have better balance on a boat?

Posttraumatic stress among not-exposed traumatically bereaved relatives after the MS Estonia Disaster

Problematic peer functioning in girls with ADHD: a systematic literature review

Reappraisal and distraction emotion regulation strategies are associated with distinct patterns of visual attention and differing levels of cognitive demand

Recreational use of the countryside: no evidence that high nature value enhances a key ecosystem service

Risk factors for motor vehicle collisions in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma: a multicenter prospective cohort study

Sleep apnea, sleep debt and daytime sleepiness are independently associated with road accidents. A cross-sectional study on truck drivers

Statistical models for tornado climatology: long and short-term views

Study on failure of third-party damage for urban gas pipeline based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Suicide among young people and adults in Ireland: method characteristics, toxicological analysis and substance abuse histories compared

The decrease in traumatic brain injury epidemics deriving from road traffic collision following strengthened legislative measures in France

The impacts of using smartphone dating applications on sexual risk behaviours in college students in Hong Kong

The spatial properties of radical environmental organizations in the UK: Do or Die!

To fear is to gain? The role of fear recognition in risky decision making in TBI patients and healthy controls

Traffic games: modeling freeway traffic with game theory

Using proxy records to document Gulf of Mexico tropical cyclones from 1820-1915

Utility of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) in predicting mental health service costs for patients with common mental health problems: historical cohort study