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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 11
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 36

A smartphone app and cloud-based consultation system for burn injury emergency care

Association between the density of physicians and suicide rates in Japan: nationwide ecological study using a spatial Bayesian model

Associations between domestic-dog morphology and behaviour scores in the Dog Mentality Assessment

Community resilience throughout the lifespan - the potential contribution of healthy elders

Correction: Binge ethanol prior to traumatic brain injury worsens sensorimotor functional recovery in rats

Correction: Road traffic injury prevention initiatives: a systematic review and metasummary of effectiveness in low and middle income countries

Cross-sectional analysis of the 1039 U.S. physicians reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank for sexual misconduct, 2003-2013

Factors associated with injuries among commercial motorcyclists: evidence from a matched case control study in Kampala City, Uganda

First fall-related injuries requiring hospitalization increase the risk of recurrent injurious falls: a nationwide cohort study in Taiwan

Fluctuating minds: spontaneous psychophysical variability during mind-wandering

Genocide exposure and subsequent suicide risk: a population-based study

How fast do objects fall in visual memory? Uncovering the temporal and spatial features of representational gravity

Influential factors for and outcomes of hospitalized patients with suicide-related behaviors: a national record study in Taiwan from 1997-2010

Is Toxoplasma gondii infection related to brain and behavior impairments in humans? Evidence from a population-representative birth cohort

Mobile phone use behaviors and postures on public transportation systems

Model development for risk assessment of driving on freeway under rainy weather conditions

Modeling the role of networks and individual differences in inter-group violence

Modelling variable fire severity in boreal forests: effects of fire intensity and stand structure

Mortality and morbidity of urban road traffic crashes in Africa: capture-recapture estimates in Bamako, Mali, 2012

Mortality patterns in patients with multiple trauma: a systematic review of autopsy studies

MW151 inhibited il-1β levels after traumatic brain injury with no effect on microglia physiological responses

Occupational injuries in Germany: population-wide national survey data emphasize the importance of work-related factors

On the skill of balancing while riding a bicycle

Perception of suicide risk in mental health professionals

Personality, executive control, and neurobiological characteristics associated with different forms of risky driving

Predicting aggressive tendencies by visual attention bias associated with hostile emotions

Prediction of fitness to drive in patients with Alzheimer's dementia

Psychosocial assessment of self-harm patients and risk of repeat presentation: an instrumental variable analysis using time of hospital presentation

Race guides attention in visual search

Social isolation-induced territorial aggression in male offspring is enhanced by exposure to diesel exhaust during pregnancy

Staying connected on the road: a comparison of different types of smart phone use in a driving simulator

Survey of the influence of the width of urban branch roads on the meeting of two-way vehicle flows

The "majority illusion" in social networks

The association between Belgian older adults' physical functioning and physical activity: what is the moderating role of the physical environment?

The association of medication-use and frailty-related factors with gait performance in older patients

The many organisational factors relevant to planning change in emergency care departments: a qualitative study to inform a cluster randomised controlled trial aiming to improve the management of patients with mild traumatic brain injuries