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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 11
Journal Issue: 7
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 46

Adverse childhood experiences, support, and the perception of ability to work in adults with disability

Anticipation of monetary reward can attenuate the vigilance decrement

Can, want and try: parents' viewpoints regarding the participation of their child with an acquired brain injury

Characterization of venom and oviduct components of parasitoid wasp Asobara japonica

Correction: Mortality, rehospitalisation and violent crime in forensic psychiatric patients discharged from hospital: rates and risk factors

Correction: Patterns and trends in accidental poisoning deaths: Pennsylvania's experience 1979-2014

Daily-life gait quality as predictor of falls in older people: a 1-year prospective cohort study

Death in community Australian football: a ten year national insurance claims report

Detecting causality by combined use of multiple methods: climate and brain examples

Determinants of quality of life in ageing populations: results from a cross-sectional study in Finland, Poland and Spain

Differences in factors affecting various crash types with high numbers of fatalities and injuries in China

Epidemiology of substance use among forced migrants: a global systematic review

Evaluating the operational features of an unconventional dual-bay U-turn design for intersections

Exploring the relationship between experiential avoidance, coping functions and the recency and frequency of self-harm

Family and community predictors of comorbid language, socioemotional and behavior problems at school entry

Fear similarly alters perceptual estimates of and actions over gaps

Fire severity controlled susceptibility to a 1940s spruce beetle outbreak in Colorado, USA

Fires in seasonally dry tropical forest: testing the varying constraints hypothesis across a regional rainfall gradient

Four distinct subgroups of self-injurious behavior among Chinese adolescents: findings from a latent class analysis

Glaucoma and driving: on-road driving characteristics

How do persons with mild acquired cognitive impairment use information and communication technology and e-services? Results from a Swedish national survey

How personality affects vulnerability among Israelis and Palestinians following the 2009 gaza conflict

Missense mutation of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) alters neurocognitive performance in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal study

Motor skill development in italian pre-school children induced by structured activities in a specific playground

Moving to capture children's attention: developing a methodology for measuring visuomotor attention

Patterns of childhood abuse and neglect in a representative German population sample

Perceived discrimination is an independent risk factor for suicidal ideation among sexual and gender minorities in Nepal

Predicting falls and when to intervene in older people: a multilevel logistical regression model and cost analysis

Predictors of outcome in traumatic brain injury: new insight using receiver operating curve indices and Bayesian network analysis

Preliminary study of acute changes in emotion processing in trauma survivors with PTSD symptoms

Prevalence of domestic violence in Hong Kong Chinese women presenting with urinary symptoms

Prosocial behavior and subjective insecurity in violent contexts: field experiments

Psychopathic traits and their relationship with the cognitive costs and compulsive nature of lying in offenders

Psychotic experiences and risk of violence perpetration and arrest in the general population: a prospective study

Putting up a big front: car design and size affect road-crossing behaviour

Repeated closed head injury in mice results in sustained motor and memory deficits and chronic cellular changes

Reporting crime victimizations to the police and the incidence of future victimizations: a longitudinal study

Severe psychological distress of evacuees in evacuation zone caused by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident: The Fukushima Health Management Survey

Smoking and suicide: a meta-analysis

Superior inhibitory control and resistance to mental fatigue in professional road cyclists

Testing persistence of cohort effects in the epidemiology of suicide: an age-period-cohort hysteresis model

The interaction between childhood bullying and the FKBP5 gene on psychotic-like experiences and stress reactivity in real life

The primary prevention of PTSD in firefighters: preliminary results of an RCT with 12-month follow-up

The role of social novelty in risk seeking and exploratory behavior: implications for addictions

Using tensor completion method to achieving better coverage of traffic state estimation from sparse floating car data

What matters most for predicting survival? A multinational population-based cohort study