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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 12
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 37

A model for the stop planning and timetables of customized buses

A qualitative study of the context of child and adolescent substance use initiation and patterns of use in the first year for early and later initiators

Accumulation of inertial sensory information in the perception of whole body yaw rotation

Adolescent admissions to emergency departments for self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

Altered microstructural caudate integrity in posttraumatic stress disorder but not traumatic brain injury

Analysis of alcohol industry submissions against marketing regulation

Anxiety and depression in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury: a nationwide population-based cohort study

Assessing the mental health impact of the 2011 Great Japan Earthquake, tsunami, and radiation disaster on elementary and middle school children in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan

Characteristics of physician outflow from disaster areas following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Cohort randomised controlled trial of a multifaceted podiatry intervention for the prevention of falls in older people (the REFORM Trial)

Combining social norms and social marketing to address underage drinking: development and process evaluation of a whole-of-community intervention

Comparing different suicide prevention measures at bridges and buildings: lessons we have learned from a national survey in Switzerland

Correction: Applying personal genetic data to injury risk assessment in athletes

Dizziness and falls in obese inpatients undergoing metabolic rehabilitation

Driving with intuition: a preregistered study about the EEG anticipation of simulated random car accidents

Effects of socioeconomic status and social support on violence against pregnant women: a structural equation modeling analysis

Epidemiology of injury-related death in children under 5 years of age in Hunan Province, China, 2009-2014

Executive functioning in men with schizophrenia and substance use disorders. Influence of lifetime suicide attempts

Factors moderating the relationship between childhood trauma and premorbid adjustment in first-episode schizophrenia

Further development of the Assessment of Military Multitasking Performance: iterative reliability testing

Graph analysis of functional brain networks in patients with mild traumatic brain injury

Head injury as a risk factor for dementia and Alzheimer's disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 32 observational studies

Identification of skin electrical injury using infrared imaging: a possible complementary tool for histological examination

Increased anterior pelvic angle characterizes the gait of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Measuring Road Network Vulnerability with Sensitivity Analysis

Nocturia is associated with slipping and falling

Obesity may not induce dynamic stability disadvantage during overground walking among young adults

Predicting reoffending using the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY): a 5-year follow-up study of male juvenile offenders in Hunan Province, China

Stiffness effects in rocker-soled shoes: biomechanical implications

Task-difficulty homeostasis in car following models: experimental validation using self-paced visual occlusion

The older adult positivity effect in evaluations of trustworthiness: emotion regulation or cognitive capacity?

The value of a checklist for child abuse in out-of-hours primary care: to screen or not to screen

Up, down, near, far: an online vestibular contribution to distance judgement

Walking on a vertically oscillating treadmill: phase synchronization and gait kinematics

Walking through apertures in individuals with stroke

When a step is not a step! Specificity analysis of five physical activity monitors

Where's your phone? A survey of where women aged 15-40 carry their smartphone and related risk perception: a survey and pilot study