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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 12
Journal Issue: 12
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

'Lowering the threshold of effective deterrence'-Testing the effect of private security agents in public spaces on crime: a randomized controlled trial in a mass transit system

Aerodynamics of a highly irregular body at transonic speeds-Analysis of STRATOS flight data

Children's emotional experience two years after an earthquake: an exploration of knowledge of earthquakes and associated emotions

Design of a novel instrument for active neutron interrogation of artillery shells

Driver fatigue detection through multiple entropy fusion analysis in an EEG-based system

Driving anger and its relationships with type A behavior patterns and trait anger: differences between professional and non-professional drivers

Engagement of vulnerable youths using internet platforms

Evolutionary design optimization of traffic signals applied to Quito city

Factors influencing psychological well-being in patients with Parkinson's disease

Fear of falling and postural reactivity in patients with glaucoma

Forced sexual intercourse and its association with HIV status among people attending HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing in a healthcare center in Kinshasa (DRC)

Gender-specific factors associated with the use of mental health services for suicidal ideation: results from the 2013 Korean Community Health Survey

Has information on suicide methods provided via the Internet negatively impacted suicide rates?

Heterogeneity in the development of proactive and reactive aggression in childhood: common and specific genetic - environmental factors

How to quantitatively evaluate safety of driver behavior upon accident? A biomechanical methodology

Human behaviours associated with dominance in elite amateur boxing bouts: a comparison of winners and losers under the Ten Point Must System

Improving public transportation systems with self-organization: a headway-based model and regulation of passenger alighting and boarding

Improving vehicle tracking rate and speed estimation in dusty and snowy weather conditions with a vibrating camera

Neural correlates of motor-cognitive dual-tasking in young and old adults

On the validity and consistency of misjudgment of stepping ability in young and older adults

Parental absence predicts suicide ideation through emotional disorders

Patients with chronic peripheral vestibular hypofunction compared to healthy subjects exhibit differences in gaze and gait behaviour when walking on stairs and ramps

Poly-victimization in a Norwegian adolescent population: prevalence, social and psychological profile, and detrimental effects

Reference data on reaction time and aging using the Nintendo Wii Balance Board: a cross-sectional study of 354 subjects from 20 to 99 years of age

Social relationship changes in victim families due to a social disaster: experiences of student victims' families in the South Korean Sewol ferry disaster

Urban networks among Chinese cities along "the Belt and Road": a case of web search activity in cyberspace