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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 12
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 31

An empirically grounded agent based model for modeling directs, conflict detection and resolution operations in air traffic management

Are sex differences in fundamental motor skills uniform throughout the entire preschool period?

Better than counting seconds: identifying fallers among healthy elderly using fusion of accelerometer features and dual-task timed up and go

Childhood socioeconomic status and childhood maltreatment: distinct associations with brain structure

Correction: Suicide prevention through means restriction: impact of the 2008-2011 pesticide restrictions on suicide in Sri Lanka

Determinants of aggressive behavior: interactive effects of emotional regulation and inhibitory control

Disclosure bias for group versus individual reporting of violence amongst conflict-affected adolescent girls in DRC and Ethiopia

Does ethnicity matter in risk and protective factors for suicide attempts and suicide lethality?

Driver behavior profiling: an investigation with different smartphone sensors and machine learning

Effects of physical education, extracurricular sports activities, and leisure satisfaction on adolescent aggressive behavior: a latent growth modeling approach

Google Earth elevation data extraction and accuracy assessment for transportation applications

Identifying a combined construct of grief and explosive anger as a response to injustice amongst survivors of mass conflict: a latent class analysis of data from Timor-Leste

Individuals with severely impaired vision can learn useful orientation and mobility skills in virtual streets and can use them to improve real street safety

Maternal PTSD following exposure to the Wenchuan earthquake is associated with impaired mental development of children

Media effects on suicide methods: a case study on Hong Kong 1998-2005

Mental ill health in structural pathways to women's experiences of intimate partner violence

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) and chronic cognitive impairment: a scoping review

Motivation factors for suicidal behavior and their clinical relevance in admitted psychiatric patients

Poor sleep quality and suicide attempt among adults with internet addiction: a nationwide community sample of Korea

Prediction of crime occurrence from multi-modal data using deep learning

Predictors of falls and mortality among elderly adults with traumatic brain injury: a nationwide, population-based study

Prevalence of non-contact and contact childhood sexual abuse: an internet-based sample of men who have sex with men in China

Radar detection of pedestrian-induced vibrations on Michelangelo's David

Reduced left precentral regional responses in patients with major depressive disorder and history of suicide attempts

Simulated blast overpressure induces specific astrocyte injury in an ex vivo brain slice model

Six autoantibodies associated with autoimmune encephalitis are not detectable in the cerebrospinal fluid of suicide attempters

Study of deaths by suicide of homosexual prisoners in Nazi Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Study on lockage safety of LNG-fueled ships based on FSA

The evolution of cost-efficiency in neural networks during recovery from traumatic brain injury

The prevalence of and factors associated with high-risk alcohol consumption in Korean adults: the 2009-2011 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

The sense of balance in humans: structural features of otoconia and their response to linear acceleration