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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 12
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 27

A comparative analysis of suicide attempts in left-behind children and non-left-behind children in rural China

Association between suicide-related ideations and affective temperaments in the Japanese general adult population

Associations of low-intensity light physical activity with physical performance in community-dwelling elderly Japanese: a cross-sectional study

BackUp: development and evaluation of a smart-phone application for coping with suicidal crises

Between simplicity and accuracy: effect of adding modeling details on quarter vehicle model accuracy

Collective phenomena in crowds--where pedestrian dynamics need social psychology

Correction: Experiences of severe childhood maltreatment, depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse among adults in Finland

Expertise with unfamiliar objects is flexible to changes in task but not changes in class

Gait characteristics under different walking conditions: association with the presence of cognitive impairment in community-dwelling older people

Grief interventions for people bereaved by suicide: a systematic review

Land cover, more than monthly fire weather, drives fire-size distribution in Southern Qu├ębec forests: implications for fire risk management

Male suicide rates in German prisons and the role of citizenship

Microstructural integrity of white matter tracts amongst older fallers: a DTI study

Natural disasters and indicators of social cohesion

New evidence about the "dark side" of social cohesion in promoting binge drinking among adolescents

Parental alcohol use and risk of behavioral and emotional problems in offspring

Polymorphisms in dopaminergic system genes; association with criminal behavior and self-reported aggression in violent prison inmates from Pakistan

Relationship between bone mineral density and alcohol intake: a nationwide health survey analysis of postmenopausal women

Required coefficient of friction in the anteroposterior and mediolateral direction during turning at different walking speeds

Spatial distribution of child pedestrian injuries along census tract boundaries: implications for identifying area-based correlates

The association between levels of alcohol consumption and mental health problems and academic performance among young university students

The impact of mobile phone use on where we look and how we walk when negotiating floor based obstacles

The internal structure of foster-parent completed SDQ for school-aged children

The weapons identification task: recommendations for adequately powered research

Tire-road friction estimation and traction control strategy for motorized electric vehicle

Vascular geometry as a risk factor for non-penetrating traumatic injuries of the aortic arch

Workplace violence against medical staff of Chinese children's hospitals: a cross-sectional study