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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 12
Journal Issue: 9
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

"If he could speak, he would be able to point out who does those things to him": Experiences of violence and access to child protection among children with disabilities in Uganda and Malawi

Adverse drug reactions reported to the drug and poison information center of Tehran, Iran

Advising caution in studying seasonal oscillations in crime rates

An experimental study of the Online Information Paradox: does en-route information improve road network performance?

Care requirements for clients who present after rape and clients who presented after consensual sex as a minor at a clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 2011 to 2014

Causal knowledge promotes behavioral self-regulation: an example using climate change dynamics

Characteristics of informal caregivers who provide transportation assistance to older adults

Correction: Land cover, more than monthly fire weather, drives fire-size distribution in Southern Qu├ębec forests: implications for fire risk management

Degradable transportation network with the addition of electric vehicles: network equilibrium analysis

Delivery of mental health treatment to combat veterans with psychiatric diagnoses and TBI histories

Devices and tasks involved in the objective assessment of standing dynamic balancing - a systematic literature review

Diagnoses, infections and injuries in Northern Syrian children during the civil war: a cross-sectional study

Does inhalation injury predict mortality in burns patients or require redefinition?

Effect of a new motorway on social-spatial patterning of road traffic accidents: a retrospective longitudinal natural experimental study

Effects of age on the soccer-specific cognitive-motor performance of elite young soccer players: comparison between objective measurements and coaches' evaluation

Evaluating the impacts of grades on vehicular speeds on interstate highways

Evolution of vulnerability of communities facing repeated hazards

Examining accident reports involving autonomous vehicles in California

Examining the social ecology of a bar-crawl: an exploratory pilot study

Feet deformities are correlated with impaired balance and postural stability in seniors over 75

Head injury patterns in helmeted and non-helmeted cyclists admitted to a London Major Trauma Centre with serious head injury

Home modification to reduce falls at a health district level: modeling health gain, health inequalities and health costs

Identifying the factors affecting bike-sharing usage and degree of satisfaction in Ningbo, China

Interactive locomotion: Investigation and modeling of physically-paired humans while walking

Intimate partner violence-related hospitalizations in Appalachia and the non-Appalachian United States

Neuroinflammation, myelin and behavior: temporal patterns following mild traumatic brain injury in mice

Pacopampa: early evidence of violence at a ceremonial site in the northern Peruvian highlands

Parametric analysis of occupant ankle and tibia injuries in frontal impact

Plasma sterols and depressive symptom severity in a population-based cohort

Psychometric properties of the Brisbane Burn Scar Impact Profile in adults with burn scars

Real-time surveillance of heat-related morbidity: relation to excess mortality associated with extreme heat

Risk factors of mobile phone use while driving in Queensland: prevalence, attitudes, crash risk perception, and task-management strategies

Should I drink responsibly, safely or properly? Confusing messages about reducing alcohol-related harm

Significance of chronic toxoplasmosis in epidemiology of road traffic accidents in Russian Federation

Temporal patterns in road crossing behaviour in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) at sites with wildlife warning reflectors

The burden of alcohol-related morbidity and mortality in Ottawa, Canada

The impact of vehicle moving violations and freeway traffic flow on crash risk: an application of plugin development for microsimulation

Typhoon survivors' subjective wellbeing: a different view of responses to natural disaster