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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 13
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 39

A resilience-oriented approach for quantitatively assessing recurrent spatial-temporal congestion on urban roads

Alcohol and older people: a systematic review of barriers, facilitators and context of drinking in older people and implications for intervention design

Anterior cruciate ligament injury: identifying information sources and risk factor awareness among the general population

Associations between self-reported lifetime history of traumatic brain injuries and current disability assessment in a population sample of Canadian adults

Blind haste: As light decreases, speeding increases

Comparison of traffic-injury related hospitalisation between bicyclists and motorcyclists in Taiwan

Correction: Sexual assault incidents among college undergraduates: prevalence and factors associated with risk

Cross-lagged structural equation models for the relationship between health-related state and behaviours and body bullying in adolescence: findings from longitudinal study ELANA

Discerning suicide in drug intoxication deaths: paucity and primacy of suicide notes and psychiatric history

Effects of theory of mind performance training on reducing bullying involvement in children and adolescents with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder

Evaluating the influential priority of the factors on insurance loss of public transit

Event dependence in U.S. executions

Fire forbids fifty-fifty forest

Food words distract the hungry: evidence of involuntary semantic processing of task-irrelevant but biologically-relevant unexpected auditory words

Hospitalizations due to unintentional transport injuries among Aboriginal population of British Columbia, Canada: incidence, changes over time and ecological analysis of risk markers

How do we reach the girls and women who are the hardest to reach? Inequitable opportunities in reproductive and maternal health care services in armed conflict and forced displacement settings in Colombia

Hyperphosphatemia is associated with high mortality in severe burns

Influence of early stress on memory reconsolidation: implications for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment

Injury mechanisms, patterns and outcomes of older polytrauma patients-An analysis of the Dutch Trauma Registry

Loss of chromosome Y in blood, but not in brain, of suicide completers

Maternal suicide - register based study of all suicides occurring after delivery in Sweden 1974-2009

Missing depth cues in virtual reality limit performance and quality of three dimensional reaching movements

Move faster, think later: women who play action video games have quicker visually-guided responses with later onset visuomotor-related brain activity

Patterns of zolpidem use among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans: a retrospective cohort analysis

Population-based cohort study of the impacts of mild traumatic brain injury in adults four years post-injury

Positive youth development and observed athlete behavior in recreational sport

Primed for death: law enforcement-citizen homicides, social media, and retaliatory violence

Proactive vs. reactive car driving: EEG evidence for different driving strategies of older drivers

Response time scores on a reflexive attention task predict a child's inattention score from a parent report

Sex differences in facial emotion recognition across varying expression intensity levels from videos

Simple reaction times to cyclopean stimuli reveal that the binocular system is tuned to react faster to near than to far objects

Survival analysis and classification methods for forest fire size

The relationship between personalities and self-report positive driving behavior in a Chinese sample

Trajectories of aggressive and depressive symptoms in male and female overweight children: do they share a common path or do they follow different routes?

Understanding the experience and manifestation of depression in adolescents living with HIV in Harare, Zimbabwe

Use of child restraint system and patterns of child transportation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Validation of the Perceived Stigmatization Questionnaire for Brazilian adult burn patients

Visualized analysis of developing trends and hot topics in natural disaster research

Wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint practices in paratransit vehicles