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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 13
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

"Staying for the children": the role of natal relatives in supporting women experiencing intimate partner violence during pregnancy in northern Tanzania - a qualitative study

A cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of SAFE on spousal violence against women and girls in slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Association of sleep with emotional and behavioral problems among abused children and adolescents admitted to residential care facilities in Japan

Associations between psychosocial work factors and provider mental well-being in emergency departments: a systematic review

Binge eating, trauma, and suicide attempt in community adults with major depressive disorder

Biopsychosocial factors associated with non-recovery after a minor transport-related injury: a systematic review

Characteristics of burn injuries among children aged under six years in South Korea: Data from the Emergency Department-Based Injury In-Depth Surveillance, 2011-2016

Comparison of rider stability in a flapless saddle versus a conventional saddle

Developing a database for pedestrians' earthquake emergency evacuation in indoor scenarios

Diminished neural network dynamics after moderate and severe traumatic brain injury

Economic costs of alcohol use in Sri Lanka

Effect of community-based intervention on knowledge, attitude, and self-efficacy toward home injuries among Egyptian rural mothers having preschool children

Fall-risk-increasing drugs and falls requiring health care among older people with intellectual disability in comparison with the general population: a register study

Foul tip impact attenuation of baseball catcher masks using head impact metrics

Gaming behaviour with Pokémon GO and physical activity: a preliminary study with medical students in Thailand

Impact of chronic sexual abuse and depression on inflammation and wound healing in the female reproductive tract of HIV-uninfected and HIV-infected women

Increased risk of suicide in New South Wales men with prostate cancer: analysis of linked population-wide data

Medio-lateral stability during walking turns in older adults

Mental health effects caused by red imported fire ant attacks (Solenopsis invicta)

Mortality due to snakebite and other venomous animals in the Indian state of Bihar: findings from a representative mortality study

Neighborhood characteristics and violence behind closed doors: the spatial overlap of child maltreatment and intimate partner violence

On the design of power gear trains: Insight regarding number of stages and their respective ratios

Perceived peer norms, health risk behaviors, and clustering of risk behaviors among Palestinian youth

Physical activity and associated medical cost savings among at-risk older adults participating a community-based health & wellness program

Post-traumatic stress disorder in parents of patients with schizophrenia following familial violence

Predicting mortality with the international classification of disease injury severity score using survival risk ratios derived from an Indian trauma population: a cohort study

Prevalence of drug use among drivers based on mandatory, random tests in a roadside survey

PTSD correlates with somatization in sexually abused children: type of abuse moderates the effect of PTSD on somatization

Risk factors for acute injuries and overuse syndromes of the shoulder in amateur triathletes - a retrospective analysis

Road screening and distribution route multi-objective robust optimization for hazardous materials based on neural network and genetic algorithm

Smombie Guardian: we watch for potential obstacles while you are walking and conducting smartphone activities

The association between uneven sex ratios and violence: evidence from 6 Asian countries

The currency, completeness and quality of systematic reviews of acute management of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a comprehensive evidence map

The influence of a major sporting event upon emergency department attendances; a retrospective cross-national European study

The regulation of emotions in adolescents: age differences and emotion-specific patterns

The role of self-objectification and women's blame, sympathy, and support for a rape victim

Tsunami evacuation simulation using geographic information systems for homecare recipients depending on electric devices

Validation of the interpersonal needs questionnaire of young male adults in Singapore

Women's attitude towards wife-beating and its relationship with reproductive healthcare seeking behavior: a countrywide population survey in Bangladesh

Workplace and non-workplace mild traumatic brain injuries in an outpatient clinic sample: a case-control study