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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 13
Journal Issue: 9
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 27

Adult mortality trends in Qatar, 1989-2015: national population versus migrants

An event-related potential study of spatial working memory in binge drinking college students

An optimization approach for freeway network coordinated traffic control and route guidance

Association between the detection of alcohol, illicit drugs and/or psychotropic medications/opioids in patients admitted due to trauma and trauma recidivism: A cohort study

Association between urbanicity and physical activity in Mexican adolescents: the use of a composite urbanicity measure

Associations between graduated driver licensing and road trauma reductions in a later licensing age jurisdiction: Queensland, Australia

Classes of depression symptom trajectories in patients with major depression receiving a collaborative care intervention

Consideration of future consequences (CFC) serves as a buffer against aggression related to psychopathy

Dog ownership satisfaction determinants in the owner-dog relationship and the dog's behaviour

Effect of personality traits on driving style: Psychometric adaption of the multidimensional driving style inventory in a Chinese sample

Exposure to trips and slips with increasing unpredictability while walking can improve balance recovery responses with minimum predictive gait alterations

Eye behavior does not adapt to expected visual distraction during internally directed cognition

Health status, difficulties, and desired health information and services for veterans with traumatic brain injuries and their caregivers: a qualitative investigation

High rates of sexual violence by both intimate and non-intimate partners experienced by adolescent girls and young women in Kenya and Zambia: findings around violence and other negative health outcomes

One-legged stance sway of older adults with and without falls

Optimal regulation of bipedal walking speed despite an unexpected bump in the road

Parents' and adolescents' perception of traffic- and crime-related safety as correlates of independent mobility among Belgian adolescents

Personal risk factors associated with heat-related illness among new conscripts undergoing basic training in Thailand

Rates and characteristics of suicide by immigration background in Norway

Social space and alcohol use initiation among youth in northern Tanzania

Suicide and all-cause mortality following routine hospital management of self-harm: propensity score analysis using multicentre cohort data

The presence of depression in de novo Parkinson's disease reflects poor motor compensation

The prevalence of mental distress before the Great East Japan Earthquake and the associated impact of an aged society: an ecological study

Turning off the empathy switch: lower empathic concern for the victim leads to utilitarian choices of action

Understanding the drivers of sensitive behavior using Poisson regression from quantitative randomized response technique data

Viewpoints of pedestrians with and without cognitive impairment on shared zones and zebra crossings

Workplace psychosocial stressors experienced by migrant workers in Australia: a cross-sectional study