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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 14
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

A paper-based, cell-free biosensor system for the detection of heavy metals and date rape drugs

A scalable machine learning approach for measuring violent and peaceful forms of political protest participation with social media data

Age relative to school class peers and emotional well-being in 10-year-olds

Anticipation of wheelchair and rollerblade actions in spinal cord injured people, rollerbladers, and physiotherapists

Are there disparities in different domains of physical activity between school-aged migrant and non-migrant children and adolescents? Insights from Germany

Caring for trafficked and unidentified patients in the EHR shadows: shining a light by sharing the data

Characteristics for gait parameters of community-dwelling elderly Japanese with lower cognitive function

Characterizing multicity urban traffic conditions using crowdsourced data

Different strength declines in leg primary movers versus stabilizers across age-Implications for the risk of falls in older adults?

Disaster response knowledge and its social determinants: a cross-sectional study in Beijing, China

Effects of hazard types on drivers' risk rating and hazard response in a video-based hazard perception task

Exploring barriers to reproductive, maternal, child and neonatal (RMNCH) health-seeking behaviors in Somali region, Ethiopia

Exploring the mechanism of crashes with automated vehicles using statistical modeling approaches

Food insecurity and violence in a prospective cohort of women at risk for or living with HIV in the U.S

Frequency of health care utilization in the year prior to completed suicide: a Danish nationwide matched comparative study

Human mobility in bike-sharing systems: structure of local and non-local dynamics

Human roars communicate upper-body strength more effectively than do screams or aggressive and distressed speech

Ideal and actual partner assessments in male batterers with different attachment styles

Not all electric shark deterrents are made equal: effects of a commercial electric anklet deterrent on white shark behaviour

P-curve won't do your laundry, but it will distinguish replicable from non-replicable findings in observational research: Comment on Bruns & Ioannidis (2016)

Parenting after a history of childhood maltreatment: a scoping review and map of evidence in the perinatal period

Poison severity score and sequential organ failure assessment score: carbon monoxide poisoning prognosis

Preadolescent children's perception of power imbalance in bullying: a thematic analysis

Preschool teachers' perspective on how high noise levels at preschool affect children's behavior

Quiet standing: the Single Inverted Pendulum model is not so bad after all

Socioeconomic status, stressful life situations and mental health problems in children and adolescents: results of the German BELLA cohort-study

The conference effect: National surgery meetings are associated with increased mortality at trauma centers without American College of Surgeons verification

The effect of ankle-foot orthoses on fall/near fall incidence in patients with (sub-)acute stroke: a randomized controlled trial

The setting of the rising sun? A recent comparative history of life expectancy trends in Japan and Australia

Traffic symbol recognition modulates bodily actions

User violence in mental health services: adaptation of an instrument. Healthcare-workers' Aggressive Behavior Scale-Users-Mental Health Version (HABS-U-MH)

Vehicle yielding probability estimation model at unsignalized midblock crosswalks in Shanghai, China