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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 7
Journal Issue: 12
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 24

'Cycle thieves, we are watching you': Impact of a simple signage intervention against bicycle theft

A life-course study on effects of parental markers of morbidity and mortality on offspring's suicide attempt

A microscopic "social norm" model to obtain realistic macroscopic velocity and density pedestrian distributions

Alcohol consumption in midlife and cognitive performance assessed 13 years later in the SU.VI.MAX 2 cohort

Altered functional protein networks in the prefrontal cortex and amygdala of victims of suicide

Appetitive aggression as a resilience factor against trauma disorders: appetitive aggression and PTSD in German World War II veterans

Assessing patterns of human-wildlife conflicts and compensation around a central Indian protected area

Characteristics and trends of pediatric traumatic brain injuries treated at a large pediatric medical center in China, 2002-2011

Clinical effects and antivenom dosing in brown snake (Pseudonaja spp.) envenoming - Australian snakebite project (ASP-14)

Driving cessation and dementia: Results of the Prospective Registry on Dementia in Austria (PRODEM)

Experiences of domestic violence and mental disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Exposure-based, 'like-for-like' assessment of road safety by travel mode using routine health data

Faith after an earthquake: a longitudinal study of religion and perceived health before and after the 2011 Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake

Food insecurity and children's mental health: a prospective birth cohort study

Human perception of fear in dogs varies according to experience with dogs

Movie smoking and youth initiation: parsing smoking imagery and other adult content

Multiple sclerosis decreases explicit counterfactual processing and risk taking in decision making

Neighborhood street scale elements, sedentary time and cardiometabolic risk factors in inactive ethnic minority women

Older adults show preserved equilibrium but impaired step length control in motor-equivalent stabilization of gait

Reduced visual cortex gray matter volume and thickness in young adults who witnessed domestic violence during childhood

Sensory cortex underpinnings of traumatic brain injury deficits

Skill memory escaping from distraction by sleep-evidence from dual-task performance

The invisible suffering: sexual coercion, interpersonal violence, and mental health - a cross-sectional study among university students in south-western Uganda

Venom Proteome of the Box Jellyfish Chironex fleckeri