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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 7
Journal Issue: 8
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 18

"That pregnancy can bring noise into the family": exploring intimate partner sexual violence during pregnancy in the context of HIV in Zimbabwe

A case-control study estimating accident risk for alcohol, medicines and illegal drugs

A high aggression strategy for smaller males

A meta-analysis of the Val158Met COMT polymorphism and violent behavior in schizophrenia

Adolescent expectations of early death predict adult risk behaviors

Alcohol use in adolescence and risk of disability pension: a 39 year follow-up of a population-based conscription survey

Architectural and biochemical expressions of mustard gas keratopathy: preclinical indicators and pathogenic mechanisms

Decreased premotor cortex volume in victims of urban violence with posttraumatic stress disorder

Drinking, substance use and the operation of motor vehicles by young adolescents in Canada

Glass shape influences consumption rate for alcoholic beverages

Is "football for all" safe for all? Cross-sectional study of disparities as determinants of 1-year injury prevalence in youth football programs

Love and suicide: the structure of the Affective Intensity Rating Scale (AIRS) and its relation to suicidal behavior

Measuring the distribution of spitefulness

Quality of life, physical diseases, and psychological impairment among survivors 3 years after wenchuan earthquake: a population based survey

The earliest matches

The lethal toxin from Australian funnel-web spiders is encoded by an intronless gene

Theta oscillations are sensitive to both early and late conflict processing stages: effects of alcohol intoxication

Where we look when we drive with or without active steering wheel control