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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 8
Journal Issue: 12
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 30

Affective video retrieval: Violence detection in Hollywood movies by large-scale segmental feature extraction

Age-related decrements in heat dissipation during physical activity occur as early as the age of 40

Alterations in white matter microstructure as vulnerability factors and acquired signs of traffic accident-induced PTSD

Buses, cars, bicycles and walkers: The influence of the type of human transport on the flight responses of waterbirds

Characteristics and mechanisms of cardiopulmonary injury caused by mine blasts in shoals: A randomized controlled study in a rabbit model

Clinical features of severe wasp sting patients with dominantly toxic reaction: Analysis of 1091 cases

Does gender inequity increase the risk of intimate partner violence among women? Evidence from a national Bangladeshi sample

Dog behavior co-varies with height, bodyweight and skull shape

Efficacy of modafinil on fatigue and excessive daytime sleepiness associated with neurological disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Glasgow coma scale and outcomes after structural traumatic head injury in early childhood

Injuries and post-traumatic stress following historic tornados: Alabama, April 2011

Men at risk: a qualitative study on HIV risk, gender identity and violence among men who have sex with men who report high risk behavior in Kampala, Uganda

Multimorbidity in adult asylum seekers: A first overview

Oculomotor examination of the weapon focus effect: does a gun automatically engage visual attention?

Opinion formation and the collective dynamics of risk perception

Physicians' characteristics associated with exploring suicide risk among patients with depression: A French panel survey of general practitioners

Potential use of hyperoxygenated solution as a treatment strategy for carbon monoxide poisoning

Predicting pedestrian flow: A methodology and a proof of concept based on real-life data

Psychosocial functioning and intelligence both partly explain socioeconomic inequalities in premature death. A population-based male cohort study

Relationship between oscillatory neuronal activity during reward processing and trait impulsivity and sensation seeking

Risk taking in hospitalized patients with acute and severe traumatic brain injury

Separable sustained and selective attention factors are apparent in 5-year-old children

Somatic symptoms evoked by exam stress in university students: the role of alexithymia, neuroticism, anxiety and depression

Steps to take to enhance gait stability: the effect of stride frequency, stride length, and walking speed on local dynamic stability and margins of stability

The impacts of dispositional optimism and psychological resilience on the subjective well-being of burn patients: A structural equation modelling analysis

The influence of snowmobile trails on coyote movements during winter in high-elevation landscapes

The Werther effect of two celebrity suicides: an entertainer and a politician

Traumatic brain injury: Unmet support needs of caregivers and families in Florida

Vehicle scheduling schemes for commercial and emergency logistics integration

Victims of infanticide and conspecific bite wounding in a female-dominant primate: a long-term study