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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 8
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 29

3D Flow in the Venom Channel of a Spitting Cobra: Do the Ridges in the Fangs Act as Fluid Guide Vanes?

A mixture approach to vagueness and ambiguity

Action prediction in younger versus older adults: neural correlates of motor familiarity

Adding fuel to the fire: the impacts of non-native grass invasion on fire management at a regional scale

Brain injury in very preterm children and neurosensory and cognitive disabilities during childhood: the epipage cohort study

Change in neighborhood traffic safety: does it matter in terms of physical activity?

Childhood hyperactivity, physical aggression and criminality: a 19-year prospective population-based study

How fire history, fire suppression practices and climate change affect wildfire regimes in Mediterranean landscapes

Increased risk of dementia in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: a nationwide cohort study

Masked Priming of Conceptual Features Reveals Differential Brain Activation during Unconscious Access to Conceptual Action and Sound Information

Mild blast events alter anxiety, memory, and neural activity patterns in the anterior cingulate cortex

Modeling wildfire incident complexity dynamics

Modelling pedestrian travel time and the design of facilities: a queuing approach

Neural effects of positive and negative incentives during marijuana withdrawal

Occupation and environmental heat-associated deaths in Maricopa County, Arizona: a case-control study

Opposite effective connectivity in the posterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortex between first-episode schizophrenic patients with suicide risk and healthy controls

Predicting cognitive state from eye movements

Prior storm experience moderates water surge perception and risk

Protective effect of pregnancy in rural South Africa: questioning the concept of "indirect cause" of maternal death

Screening on perpetration and victimization of intimate partner violence (IPV): two studies on the validity of an IPV screening instrument in patients in substance abuse treatment

Should I stay or should I go - cognitive conflict in multi-attribute signals probed with East and West German 'ampelmännchen' traffic signs

Sleep Duration among Children 8 Months after the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Social and geographical inequalities in suicide in Japan from 1975 through 2005: a census-based longitudinal analysis

Tailored education for older patients to facilitate engagement in falls prevention strategies after hospital discharge-a pilot randomized controlled trial

The global burden of visual difficulty in low, middle, and high income countries

The impact of epidemic violence on the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The impact of threat appeals on fear arousal and driver behavior: a meta-analysis of experimental research 1990-2011

Trends of fatal road traffic injuries in Iran (2004-2011)

What evidence exists for initiatives to reduce risk and incidence of sexual violence in armed conflict and other humanitarian crises? A systematic review