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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 9
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 35

A few large roads or many small ones? How to accommodate growth in vehicle numbers to minimise impacts on wildlife

An evaluation of comparability between NEISS and ICD-9-CM injury coding

Balance and risk of fall in individuals with bilateral mild and moderate knee osteoarthritis

Characterizing long interval cortical inhibition over the time-frequency domain

Correction: density, destinations or both? A comparison of measures of walkability in relation to transportation behaviors, obesity and diabetes in Toronto, Canada

Correction: predicting the risk of suicide by analyzing the text of clinical notes

Criminal victimisation in people with severe mental illness: a multi-site prevalence and incidence survey in the Netherlands

Early hospital mortality among adult trauma patients significantly declined between 1998-2011: three single-centre cohorts from Mumbai, India

Effect of partner violence in adolescence and young adulthood on blood pressure and incident hypertension

Effective responder communication improves efficiency and psychological outcomes in a mass decontamination field experiment: implications for public behaviour in the event of a chemical incident

Emergence of criticality in the transportation passenger flow: scaling and renormalization in the seoul bus system

Executive functioning in highly talented soccer players

Extended effect of chronic social defeat stress in childhood on behaviors in adulthood

Heat-related mortality in India: excess all-cause mortality associated with the 2010 Ahmedabad heat wave

Human traumatic brain injury induces autoantibody response against glial fibrillary acidic protein and its breakdown products

Injury severity and mortality of adult zebra crosswalk and non-zebra crosswalk road crossing accidents: a cross-sectional analysis

Is violent radicalisation associated with poverty, migration, poor self-reported health and common mental disorders?

Knowing where to draw the line: perceptual differences between risk-takers and non-risk-takers

Measuring virgin female aggression in the female intruder test (FIT): effects of oxytocin, estrous cycle, and anxiety

Modelling hurricane exposure and wind speed on a mesoclimate scale: a case study from Cusuco NP, Honduras

Motor effort alters changes of mind in sensorimotor decision making

Naturalizing sense of agency with a hierarchical event-control approach

Nutritional status and falls in community-dwelling older people: a longitudinal study of a population-based random sample

Patterns of suicidal ideation and behavior in Northern Ireland and associations with conflict related trauma

Positive association of video game playing with left frontal cortical thickness in adolescents

Pre-impact fall detection: optimal sensor positioning based on a machine learning paradigm

Preventive home visits for mortality, morbidity, and institutionalization in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Replicating the violence risk appraisal guide: a total forensic cohort study

The effect of acute exercise and psychosocial stress on fine motor skills and testosterone concentration in the saliva of high school students

The effect of medical marijuana laws on crime: evidence from state panel data, 1990-2006

The gender-specific association between age at first drink and later alcohol drinking patterns in Korea

The Novelty-Seeking Phenotype Modulates the Long-Lasting Effects of Intermittent Ethanol Administration during Adolescence

Trait impulsivity is associated with the risk of falls in Parkinson's disease

Visual targets aren't irreversibly converted to motor coordinates: eye-centered updating of visuospatial memory in online reach control

Why do we move our head to look at an object in our peripheral region? Lateral viewing interferes with attentive search