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Annals of advances in automotive medicine

Journal Volume: 52
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2008
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A Comprehensive Review of Rollover Accidents Involving Vehicles Equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems

A Field Data Analysis of Risk Factors Affecting the Injury Risks in Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Crashes

A Methodology for the Geometric Standardization of Vehicle Hoods to Compare Real-World Pedestrian Crashes

Accuracy of ICD-9-CM coding of cervical spine fractures: Implications for research using administrative databases

Adult Correlates of Early Behavioral Maladjustment: A Study of Injured Drivers

Age thresholds for increased mortality of three predominant crash induced head injuries

Aging is not a Risk Factor For Femoral and Tibial Fractures in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Characteristics of older drivers who self-limit their driving

Effect of Delta-V Errors in NASS on Frontal Crash Risk Calculations

Evaluation of Advanced Air Bag Deployment Algorithm Performance using Event Data Recorders

Evaluation of seven publicized enforcement demonstration programs to reduce impaired driving: Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and Michigan

Exploring the declines in older driver fatal crash involvement

Influence of Active Muscle Contribution on the Injury Response of Restrained Car Occupants

Injury mechanisms and severity in narrow offset frontal impacts

Injury Reduction Opportunities of Far side Impact Countermeasures

Injury risk for children in rear impacts: Role of the front seat occupant

Minor crashes and 'whiplash' in the United States

Misuse of Booster Cushions: An Observation Study of Children's Performance during Buckling Up

Occupant Restraint in the Rear Seat: ATD Responses to Standard and Pre-tensioning, Force-Limiting Belt Restraints

Risk of Permanent Medical Impairment (RPMI) in Road Traffic Accidents

Seat integrated and conventional restraints: a study of crash injury/fatality rates in rollovers

Teaching Young Children to Cross Roads Safely

Vehicle Related Factors that Influence Injury Outcome in Head-On Collisions