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Annals of advances in automotive medicine

Journal Volume: 53
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2009
Articles in SafetyLit: 24

A comparison between a child-size PMHS and the Hybrid III 6 YO in a sled frontal impact

A Study of Impairing Injuries in Real World Crashes Using the Injury Impairment Scale (IIS) and the Predicted Functional Capacity Index (PFCI-AIS)

Abdominal injuries in belt-positioning booster seats

Bilateral carotid artery injury response in side impact using a vessel model integrated with a human body model

Characteristics of child pedestrian crashes in the United States

Comparison of injury severity between AIS 2005 and AIS 1990 in a large injury database

Cost of crashes related to road conditions, United States, 2006

Differential Rollover Risk in Vehicle-to-Traffic Barrier Collisions

Dynamic Biomechanics of the Human Head in Lateral Impacts

Fatal traffic crashes involving drinking drivers: what have we learned?

Finite Element Modeling of Human Placental Tissue

How many people are injured and killed as a result of aging? Frailty, fragility, and the elderly risk-exposure trade-off

Identifying critical road geometry parameters affecting crash rate and crash type

NASS/CDS Delta-V Estimates: The Influence of Enhancements to the WinSmash Crash Reconstruction Code

Performance evaluation of child safety seats in far-side lateral sled tests at varying speeds

Police referral of drivers to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Admininstration’s medical advisory board

PTSD Six Months After Severe Vehicular Crashes

Rear Seat Occupant Thorax Protection in Near Side Impacts

Splenic Trauma as an Adverse Effect of Torso-Protecting Side Airbags: Biomechanical and Case Evidence

The Effect of Obesity on the Restraint of Automobile Occupants

The epidemiology of facial fractures in automotive collisions

The Evaluation of the Safety Benefits of Combined Passive and On-Board Active Safety Applications

The Potential for Further Development of Passive Safety

U.S. motor vehicle fatality trends in young Latino males