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Annals of advances in automotive medicine

Journal Volume: 54
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

A reexamination of the small overlap frontal crash

Age thresholds for increased mortality of predominant crash induced thoracic injuries

An Evaluation of Three Driving-Under-the-Influence Courts in Georgia

An Evaluation of Three Intensive Supervision Programs for Serious DWI Offenders

An inflatable belt system in the rear seat occupant environment: investigating feasibility and benefit in frontal impact sled tests with a 50(th) percentile male ATD

Are driving and overtaking on right curves more dangerous than on left curves?

Assessing the residual teen crash risk factors after graduated drivers license implementation

Association between Supervisory Driver Offences and Novice Driver Crashes Post-Licensure

Biomechanical response of human liver in tensile loading

Cyclist Injuries Treated in Emergency Department (ED): Consequences and Costs in South-eastern Finland in an Area of 100 000 Inhabitants

Effect of Booster Seat Design on Children's Choice of Seating Positions During Naturalistic Riding

Evaluation of the Accuracy of NASS/CDS Delta-V Estimates from the Enhanced WinSmash Algorithm

Expansion and evaluation of data characterizing the structural behavior of the pediatric abdomen

Factors associated with speeding penalties in novice drivers

Head injury and aging: the importance of bleeding injuries

Incorporation of CPR Data into ATD Chest Impact Response Requirements

Is More Better? Night Vision Enhancement System's Pedestrian Warning Modes and Older Drivers

Kinematic Comparison of Pediatric Human Volunteers and the Hybrid III 6-Year-Old Anthropomorphic Test Device

Naturalistic cycling study: identifying risk factors for on-road commuter cyclists

Perception and biodynamics in unalerted precrash response

Potential Occupant Injury Reduction in Pre-Crash System Equipped Vehicles in the Striking Vehicle of Rear-end Crashes

Predicting visual distraction using driving performance data

Pursuit of Licensure by Senior Drivers Referred by Police to a State Licensing Agency's Medical Advisory Board

Real World Data Driven Evolution of Volvo Cars' Side Impact Protection Systems and their Effectiveness

Response of the human torso to lateral and oblique constant-velocity impacts

Secondary collisions following a traffic barrier impact: frequency, factors, and occupant risk

Self-reported health indicators in the year following a motor vehicle crash: a comparison of younger versus older subjects

The AIS-2005 Revision in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Mission Accomplished or Problems for Future Research?

The association of weight percentile and motor vehicle crash injury among 3 to 8 year old children

The effect of driver age on the incidence and severity of upper extremity injuries due to second generation front air bag deployment

The tolerance of the nasal bone to blunt impact

Thoracic Injury Risk as a Function of Crash Severity - Car-to-car Side Impact Tests with WorldSID Compared to Real-life Crashes