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Annals of advances in automotive medicine

Journal Volume: 56
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 28

A comprehensive overview of the frequency and the severity of injuries sustained by car occupants and subsequent implications in terms of injury prevention

A study of bicycle and passenger car collisions based on insurance claims data

An analysis of distance from collision site to pedestrian residence in pedestrian versus automobile collisions presenting to a level 1 trauma center

An In-depth Study of Abdominal Injuries Sustained by Car Occupants in Frontal Crashes

Analysis of firetruck crashes and associated firefighter injuries in the United States

Characteristics of interstate motorcoach carriers with elevated rates of crashes and inspection violations

Contextualizing exposures and experiences of behaviors that influence the risk of crash injury in Latino adolescent males

Degree of urbanization and mortality from motor vehicular crashes

Differences in thoracic injury causation patterns between seat belt restrained children and adults

Factors affecting ejection risk in rollover crashes

Fatal vehicle-to-bicyclist crashes in Sweden - an in-depth study of injuries and vehicle sources

Frailty and injury causation

Gender and age differences among teen drivers in fatal crashes

Homogenization of vehicle fleet frontal crash pulses from 2000-2010

Impact and injury patterns in between-rails frontal crashes of vehicles with good ratings for frontal crash protection

Influence of injury risk thresholds on the performance of an algorithm to predict crashes with serious injuries

Injury risk functions in frontal impacts using data from crash pulse recorders

Kinematic Comparison of the Hybrid III and Q-Series Pediatric ATDs to Pediatric Volunteers in Low-Speed Frontal Crashes

Pedestrian injuries by source: serious and disabling injuries in U.S. and European cases

Practices, attitudes and perceptions toward road safety in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Predicting rib fracture risk with whole-body finite element models: development and preliminary evaluation of a probabilistic analytical framework

Safety challenges and oversight in the motorcoach industry: attitudes and perceptions of drivers, roadside inspectors, and federal investigators

Safety changes in the U.S. vehicle fleet since model year 1990, based on NASS data

Sequential biomechanics of the human upper thoracic spine and pectoral girdle

The effect of a low-speed automatic brake system estimated from real life data

Thoracolumbar spine fractures in frontal impact crashes

Underreporting of driver alcohol involvement in United States police and hospital records: capture-recapture estimates

Young unlicensed drivers and passenger safety restraint use in U.S. Fatal crashes: concern for risk spillover effect?